jude hill spirit cloth


The round woodpile is bigger this year,  we got better at it, one big pile.

And under the deck is also full.

that's more wood than it looks like.

I almost wanted to build a fire this morning... the chill is delicious though. I chose two robes instead. I want to make a wool robe.  I think I will. Actually a robe for each season sounds good. But then,  by combining two robes, well that works too, and there is less. And more when needed.

If I make a few more A's , keep going, I might have enough to go Around.

to the zone


  1. Ahhh…
    J is a big believer of ‘practicing’…to get better, to gain comfort in a skill (usually he is telling me this about instrument playing or singing. ha). I tend to get bored of the trying, but it is good to know there is another way (to Not get bored!)

  2. Nancy D

    When I first stumbled upon you, Jude, your art…I was taken in by that magnificent silk patch robe. I thought it so very beautiful. I think a robe for each season would be lovely…a celebratory welcome of sorts. And a wool-patch robe, well, how cozy.
    And yes, that is a big pile of wood!
    I am working appliqué at present, wool on linen. Lovely to work.
    Yoga at sunrise these days, on the back deck.

  3. Jen

    A-round, like your woodpile 😉
    Not chill enough for a fire here, certainly, but enough to feel cool and not perspire! 😅

    I pulled my robe out of hiding yesterday, looked at it, thought, well, that’s not too bad ( I’d gotten disenchanted w it & put it away) ….

  4. Wendy

    I love your stitching 🙂 I like to stitch myself, but when I do it, it just looks like I’ve made a half hearted attempt at something, and I give up. Maybe I just need to keep going.

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