jude hill spirit cloth


mushrooms, what kind?

I can say we got enough rain. It is cool and damp  and these are new to me.  New is good at the moment, I have slipped into a strange kind of boredom.


It took months but the porch ceiling is finally painted,  we don't care about fancy or neat, could have left the plywood bare,  but this makes it lighter, softly.  It was hard work at our age, gosh I can feel it.  Tape comes off later today.

a dot sampler A

I kept going because there are so many small scraps.


  1. This might be twice. I posted, checked my link and when I came back, my comment was gone. Weird!

    Here’s another possibility for your mushrooms: https://gohiking.ca/white-dapperling-mushroom/
    I think the bottom turns up as the mushroom ages, but I don’t really know.
    Seeing your A sent me over to your classes and I randomly chose Patchwork Beasts. I went looking for an A animal and found a site with a good list for all animals (https://a-z-animals.com/animals/) and it said the least popular A was the African Elephant. Since that’s one of my favorite animals I’m going to put the alphabet and your beasts class together.

    • jude

      just found this in my spam folder…
      I think you are right about the curve upward, I will check it out…
      funny you should mention the beasts because I was just thinking that my piecing methods were very similar to that class.

  2. Louise

    I can’t believe you are ever bored, Jude! But I know what you mean, is it more a sort of tedium? I love your use of small scraps. #no scrap left behind! x

    • jude

      Oh, I think boredom is a most important tool for a creative mind. it’s the rocking between acceptance and boredom that keeps me sane. Perhaps my view is a bit strange, but boredom is the first sign awareness in some cases.

  3. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Love the pieced A. I’m trying out a new app on my phone called Seek, by iNaturalist and National Geographic. I haven’t set it with location services but it still works. It’s really fast. Just pointed my phone at your pic on my laptop and it said “Reddening Lepiota”. Disclaimer: I would not eat anything based on a phone ID! The app is fun, works on plants, insects, animals, etc.

  4. deemallon

    I used to hop up onto kitchen counters to get the high-up stuff. Now I carefully place a step stool next to the cupboards. The white ceiling looks nice. Worth the effort.

  5. Jana

    I am declaring yesterday here in east Tennesse as “the turning” to autumn … first day with all the windows open and a nice morning walk with puppy dog. Can’t wait for October, my favorite month of the whole year. Those mushrooms are intriguing! Don’t think I’ve seen them concave like that. Isn’t the alphabet a perfect user-upper of tiny, delicious fabric scraps?! Love your “A” samples.

  6. Lynne Watson

    Painting protects the wood from dampness, aging, to a degree…job well and truly done.
    Thanks for the alphabet ideas…looking for a next project, after the September energy kicks in.
    Maybe in October ;>)

  7. Nancy D

    Painting walls, etc., Is the worst. Mostly because of the acrobatics involved…but also moving everything first. Now, that Mushroom 🍄 is a charm!

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