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September 2022 Newsletter

Hey! It's September, imagine that.  I'll need a few days to work myself back into a schedule.  Floating has been grand.  The pics here are rather dark,  no sun for days.

Just Hello

random thoughts with coffee



Season is so personal

where in time





Clouds are new...



how long will forever be?

Big enough

just going

Feel Free

Everything is always changing.



It's home now.



it's a good place, a growing place


New Work

this old heart

new form

So.  I just rambled myself out of one mood and into another.  It rained a lot. It is cooler.  And there is some sort of mental and physical relief.  Thank you for allowing me to whine when I need to.  To take time when I need to.  For being travelling companions.

I'm back.


  1. Wendy

    Hello Jude,
    I’m relatively new here – lovely to see your images and hear the words. I like ‘slow’ places, and this seems to be a lovely one.

  2. I like what you said about finishing the old and being ready for something new. I love that space where I have no idea what it’s going to be but I need to go there and be working on a new thing. I love this path, this cloth adventure. You are the catalyst that sparked me into this work !! I have taken what I’ve learned from you and built many “blocks “ and weavings, and stories. I pinned all the green ones up yesterday and got a feeling of what was needed to continue. It’s like taking all these little baby steps without knowing what the next step will be.
    Exhilarating !!

  3. Joan Hinchcliff

    I so enjoyed my morning cup of coffee with your voice catching me up on your doings. That’s what friends do, isn’t it?
    I admire your ambition to paint the walls…mine need it but the ambition just isn’t there, that seems to have left with the passing of years. The thought of getting on a ladder these days is not a good one.

  4. Helen Lee

    Love you Jude Hill.
    We have reduced our internet time a lot…not enough data for Instagram…not missing it at all!
    I insist on having enough to visit you here though. Loved listening to you this morning. Pee Pee Pee ♥️☺

  5. Caro

    Hi Jude
    You sound really good after your break. Reminds me of me when i have the feeling i am completely overwhelmed with my garden, my ” doings” ect.
    and i decide ( or just really have to) take a break and just not be home for a few days. So hard for me since i really dont want to be anywhere else.
    But to stop my doings
    (and for that i have to leave) gives me such a better view of me and my life. Of what i can let go, what to change and even what i want to start new. Especially the “new” that comes up always surprises me since when i leave i just feel so overwhelmed and exhausted.
    I return after a few days feeling grounded and also exited about my life, the possibilitys i have and lots of new ideas.
    You sound like you are well prepared for the winter month to come. Inside and out.

  6. Mary Skitt

    Oh, Jude so much appreciate your sharings, never doubt it. Ramblings can be good. Being a bit in the fuzzy inbetweens myself & of an age with you I try to be patient & let what will be, just be, not try to make it anything. And that can be scary & lonely sometimes & then wonderfully surprising at other times. Courage, mi corazon, courage.

  7. Sandra M.

    Thank you for your words. I know about the man being the helper and advisor and companion; mine is in a facility. I am supposed to sell the house and move. Uprooting. I understand what you said about there not being any houses that are affordable. I have looked. Getting old is expensive and upsetting, not to mention life changing, not in a good way. Grieving that. Maintaining hope. Keep going.

    • jude

      yes, the housing thing is amazing. It changed so quickly. I feel the getting old thing now and anticipate many changes, we are kind of hovering above it all right now, but I feel the pull. Good luck with everything… uprooting can be ok if you can accept the transplant. Sometimes I exhaust myself by fighting the inevitable. Practicing.

  8. Carla

    Glad you are back. Newness is much needed here. I think most of us just appreciate seeing you here and seeing what you are up to. Do whatever moves you and I’m sure we will follow that wherever it is.

  9. Jen

    Now I know what’s been missing for weeks….
    So nice to hear your voice, your ramblings.
    Your goings…
    I listened, I nodded my head, I m-hmmm’d and I laughed out loud

    What joy you bring to my day!!

    Thanks, Jude!!!

    ( I gotta ask; “PPP” !? 😺)

    • jude

      oh ha! thanks.

      PPP, actually pee pee pee. it first came from the time I realized he was a boy, yelling i see a pee pee! then from a lot of pee. I also used to call him bugs and chicken. But PPP is fun to say.

  10. I’m much like you about change. I don’t forget, but I just don’t think about the past much. I’m a here and now person. If not being sentimental about the past makes us cold, so be it. I’m also like you about goals. It has a lot to do with being a here and now person. Both past and future recede into the background.

    All the fires in 2020 did the same thing to our housing market. Apparently people would rather move than rebuild (which I’m certain was, at least in part, due to covid). We keep getting calls asking us to sell, but although we’d make a profit, it wouldn’t be enough to get as good as what we have.

    I had a lot more thoughts as I listened, but they’ve gone poof and I have to get to an appointment now.

  11. (((Jude))) thank you for sharing your “just going” through all the thicks and thins, the ups and downs of everything… your quiet words and images help heaps, I was feeling quite unmoored !

  12. Marti

    Pauses, time away, reflections, new form of creativity, weaving, cloth, peace of mind and heart, new directions and I think of what is coming for you, a Grandchild I missed the blog post of your forthcoming Grandchild somehow, so in this time of your stepping away, I re-read several posts and found the special one of your forthcoming Grandchild. Blessings to you, the Man, the Parents to be, the Grandchild that will be such a JOY. A Grandchild gives us new eyes, enlarges our hearts,and gives us such a fresh perspective for the future.

    SO maybe that is the direction: Wait to see who comes and then create something for her/him that is uniquely from you, the GrandMa; that gives the world to this precious child in a way that you see the world, both the outer and inner world. One of the most meaningful quotes that I read when I became a GrandMa was from the late environmentalist, Rachel Carson who said, “If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.”

  13. Kristin F.

    Lake you for the most delicious morning conversation as I went from one story to the next. So much of sharing your process just speaks to the journey my life has been on. Wherever the connection process heads, I will be there walking with you, my friend. Every piece of the story today was shining a light on all that makes walking life’s road with you pure soul enriching.💥⭐️💖

  14. Pat Jacobs

    Happy you’re back! Hope you had a good break. I love looking at these photos. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

  15. Deb VZ

    Welcome back! A change in the weather can make such a big difference. I’m glad for the cooler temperatures here in Michigan as well. Its good to see your post and hear your voice. You’ve been missed.

  16. and I’m still here … with lots of company, I’m sure

    So whatever it is and whatever it becomes, there is one constant … the community that has formed and holds

  17. I loved hearing your audio so much. I think it’s a beautiful gift to be able to move forward and be in the now rather than dwelling on what has already come to pass. Good luck with painting your walls.

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