jude hill spirit cloth

a bit more color

Trace of the blue...

The indigo is very stressed, I tried some fresh leaves this morning, the salt method, it took a while, seemed like forever, but yes there was a bit more color than expected.  It is hard to keep up with the dryness, some stuff has just let go.


  1. I’ve been trying to get some indigo to ferment but I think it was too air tight. Trying again. Soaking a few yards of fabric in buddleia at the moment.

  2. sharon

    so many faces, figures, beasts peering out of these cloths… as tho they drew themselves or gently stamped their own impressions…

    • jude

      The fresh leaf gives a turquoise shade usually. I love it because it is in between blue and green. The silk was a bit yellowed to begin with.

  3. I love these so much Jude! Little (?) earth strips. What an interesting cloth (?big) they would make, interspersed with the indigo and maybe some more solid dyed greens and blues. I can imagine it now. So peaceful.
    PS My hands are almost clean as I have to wash them ALL DAY LONG at work! ha

  4. Marti

    Self-flags, the strips of dyed cloths and how especially, the ones with markings, not solid color always feel to me like our personal petrogluyphs.

    I smile to see your blue finger nails. Years ago, when I stayed with grace, I got my blue fingernails from dyeing with iris petals…felt like a badge of honor!.

    • jude

      The madder I planted when I moved here is about ready and even tho the marigolds didn’t do well in the garden, i got enough blossoms from the d3ck planter to fill a jar.

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