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Endless Wishing

The Endless Wishing Cloth, some of you remember, I am not even looking back at this point.  In the basement on the wall, I hung it there when I moved here,  thinking this, the basement will be my studio.  I never come down here except to  look for some scraps stored down here.

There are too many mice,  not enough natural light,  and too many plans falling through cracks of time.  Simply....NOT.

I think the last time I posted about this one, was in 2018, with the thoughts of moving to some crazy place in my dreams.   This is not that place.  But it is just fine.

Around that time I also added a new component to my cloth language.  The Mending Star, which I just added to the glossary.

Enough Wishing I say today,  and rename this one  Endless.  Taking it off the wall. Will wash it.  Hang it in the burning sun to dry.  Mend it into personal peace.

I stitched this one yesterday.  I might call it ghost star. In honor of letting go.

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  2. ~~~~ Ahhhh …… thank you. I would like to make some stars .. little bits of something sweet .. I am liking the inspiration that is going on in my head right now. Jude, you Rock.

  3. Deb Walter

    moved out of a small studio to a bedroom in a new city….everything is still in boxes in the garage or stacked on my bed …I sleep in a different room.. I’m to start a new class in August, must get busy and start sorting, I look at the mounds of fabric and feel overpowered with indecision … none of my art group live here so no help from them to go forward…Oh Well, it will happen as it’s to be

  4. Jen

    No basement here, no attic either, but a 28×16 foot separate studio that has become a “thread nest” of its own…total chaos that I 95% ignore…I Really MUST clean/organize (& let go) of all that STUFF.


  5. Vi

    Your mending star….love it.
    Mending…..such a big world that can be sometimes…also can be a lovely small world too.
    Funny how letting go can also visit that world too:)

  6. deemallon

    My basement studio has become mostly storage for same reasons. Not insulated either, which makes it wonderful in the heat but uninhabitable in the winter. Cloth to cloth was such a great series. And this is such a great cloth.

    • jude

      the space could be made better but I realize it is not a priority…
      I love the cloth weaving and if I was ever to actually call myself a textile artist I think there would be weaving.

  7. Nancy D

    Funny. I’ve never had difficulty letting go, if it is time. Perhaps that’s why I never go back to high school reunions! I think back every now and then with a fond memory or two…but that is another lifetime.
    As for Light…it is the gift of Art.

    • jude

      True for me with most things, but studio space became different. Even tho I always said it didn’t matter. I think it was the move that made giving it up more meaning.

  8. I thought the finished attic would be that space for me but it never became that…too hot in the summer, not enough light at certain times of the day and the dogs couldn’t get up the stairs and would sit at the bottom whining at me….and now it is storage that overwhelms. I am slowly working on letting go off what is up there… mostly “someday I will…”

    • jude

      excuse me but “shit accumulates, I find I can be just as creative with hardly anything. a thread nest, some old dishtowels, actually that is how it began, ha.

      • Yes, that’s just it…everything that accumulates down below is enough, even too much sometimes. We don’t need stashes. The cats do think it’s an excellent playground.

      • Helen

        YesJude, me too ,us life long creators have had nothing and had lots but we always create. If I feel a “studio” space will help with creation and motivation then it will happen when the universe is ready. 😂❤️

  9. Peggy McG

    I weave in and out of energy these days and need more structured time to be creative! I love the Ghost Star! I come here for inspiration and you never disappoint!

  10. sharon

    how our clothwork records the changing of our wishes and dreams over time… how freeing to remove Endless Wishing from its past down in the basement, to wash it ‘n expose it to sunlight!

  11. Jana

    I like the idea of honoring letting go. I, too often, make letting go a failure instead of a liberation. To the ghost star and all the letting go she shines upon!

    • jude

      Me Too! Grace. And one of the reasons is because it’s cloth woven, at least a center, And I so so need to get back to that . Cloth to Cloth is truly something so personally satisfying.

  12. Kristin F

    The letting go is becomming such a large piece of the just going for me…and so it seems for you as well. This new space in the life journey, the creative journey keeps showinig new possibilities and somehow the letting go of historic dreams, thoughts, plans, ideas get more comfortable every year.
    How much my “visits” with you here online have become a piece of the story that is my life.. Thank you for everything you have shared that has been woven into what it is that I do with cloth every day.

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