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Endless in Context of season

July, almost August really and I feel as if the season has only begun.  You might note that this one isn't as big as it seemed in yesterday's photo.  The large cloths seem smaller outdoors.  I love that.  It is only about 36 " square-ish.

And. It is quite thin really. From the back you can see it started as a woven panel backed with thin cloth and then placed on a larger thin cloth (dyed with acorns), I cut away behind the center from the back, quilted through a bit,  and then I patched around the center from the front.  And then just  cobbled the dark blue edges around that with a running stitch,  still one layer of slightly heavier cloth.

I looked. And it , seeded ( ha! type-o) seemed to say welcome back. Welcome home.  I didn't even know I was gone. But now I sense I was.

We had some rain, but with the endless heat, you can see how dry the earth is becoming once again.  Not so much grass here,  clover, moss and wild growth.  turns brown and patiently sleeps, waiting for more rain. Usually it comes.  Well see. I take nothing for granted lately.


  1. Laura

    Went to the ocean near SF. A cool cloudy beautiful day with our daughter and BF, who are soon to be wed. Here at home, we will be down to 95-ish, dry heat. I like your post a lot, with all the summery comments.

  2. Greta wells

    Calm, cloth beautifully signaling the hope of all of us. Heat in Vermont will ease tomorrow. Can’t wait to open windows and feel a breeze come through one side of our home and shoot right out the other side.

  3. The actual size of today was a surprise. Funny how when you don’t know, when you are zoomed in…your imagination dictates. Love this cloth on the garden gate 🙂

  4. am trying to figure out why i have such FEELINGS about this one…
    is it because it was in the basement…patiently waiting…? or is it
    the ample Border? or because it looked so Big but really, isn’t? or
    the sense that the individual pieces are….attached…together…but
    that seems to be kind of an illusion, but it seeming to be kind of
    an illusion makes them More attached?????
    will be back to look more, all day.

    • jude

      I think next year I will install a drip system. Good news is, the dragonflies are out and there are no mosquitoes. Hot today but the back into the 80s I think. It was good to take it outside. I want to take all the big ones out.

      • Jeri

        Very soothing piece, I really do love the weaving process. The fact that you can use up small strips. Makes me think of stitching little bits together and making strips to weave. I know there would be a lot of seams but… it would look lovely.

        The summer seems to be flying by, 12 more days to my closing!

      • Mary

        That is quite a nicely built gate… your yurt will be equally so. If I had soil instead of concrete… we could share ideas for our yurts. Just dreamin’ here.😊

      • This reminded me that something I have always wanted to do/have is a room totally covered in cloths–ceiling, walls, window coverings, and heavy cloth (thick quilted or rag rug style or something thickly woven) floor covering. And the cloths on the walls would be trees and flowers. Ceilings would be sun/moon/stars and maybe leaves lightly scattered from the edges. With birds and critters scattered throughout.

  5. Jana

    I second Velma…at home on the garden gate with light coming through…an old friend arising from the basement into the light of day. Ready to be embraced.

  6. Marti

    Weathering season, plants, home, cloth, me… how each day brings an awareness of time and how things including ourselves adapt to the heat, the dryness and then blessed relief as the rains come. Our monsoon season is beginning again, started last night, a bit of lightning and thunder dancing. Stepping outside early, I love how the air smells after the land has had its bath and how the cloths that I have outside, one on the grapevine, a small cloth flag on the iron trellis, a house cloth from Dee, on the other ironwork trellis, how they get washed in the rain and how they all meld into the landscape…

    • jude

      Yes, it all blends, such a soft relief.
      Today will be hot. Before it cools a bit. I am going to sit in it. Sweat. Blend in.

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