jude hill spirit cloth

new eyes

Is it possible? she asks herself, that full circle might not be as big or perfect as it seems in the scheme of things.

So often associated with a lifetime.  That we forget can be lived in a moment. Or 2 or at least, a few.

Imagination is the other dimension.  And you are the creator. But then suddenly, you might fall too far in, fall for illusion. Be lost forever.  You never know how it might go.

I have been working on paper more.  I am not sure, in terms of my sense of way, it is much different than cloth. The world I build from it.

still considering cloth 2 paper...


  1. Vi

    Your illustrations are gorgeous.
    The underlying quiet way, seems to permeate so clearly. I simply love them.!…they truly arrest my interest.

  2. Janet+Wilson

    ❤️❤️❤️ I love your illustrations!!! Just so ethereal. Full circle happens so many times for us, doesn’t it. 💙

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