jude hill spirit cloth

S day

S was for Sunday

but I posted something else.

S is for stitch. Been doing a little.  I am playing with the Temple image again.  Trying to make it simpler.

Temple is often so removed from real life.

I would like to think of it as a kind of home, filled with a kindness and lightness.

Wings helped.

Temple in the  of the Sky. Sky Place.

Not god place.

S is also for squirrel today.  I get closer every time.  Suddenly named Nutface.

I will be away for a bit with stuff to do. So S is for Stuff to do. Too.


  1. Lynn

    Love your Temple in the Sky, Jude. Will there be more Temples to come?
    ……And then there was Nutface! what a perfect name. I’m laughing. We don’t have squirrels in Oz, so I haven’t seen one before and am amazed by the huge tail. Again, thanks for your photos.

  2. Thank you for sharing more wisdom with us! S is for Spirit for me these days everything I see feel read it is filled with Spirit as you/ Nutface and all of us! 🙏🏻❤️

  3. Rene Walkin

    Love the winged temple! Glad S is not for swearing, which is what I am feeling like. I have been down with Shingles for over two weeks now. Oh! The agony………………..have run out of serious meds over the weekend and the over the counter jobs not quite cutting it. The earliest telephone appointment I can get with my doctor is tomorrow afternoon. Oi Vey! I can’t even stitch. The only joy to be had is the distraction afforded by audiobooks. I am so grateful for small mercies.

  4. I found myself thinking of the word Sacred this morning. Another S and another word that tends to be removed from daily life. Nutface is a good name!

  5. Louise

    Love your winged temple. I suppose a sort of caravan in the sky, a movable feast. Yes, S is for stuff to do, too much to do usually! x

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