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Just Going

Excuse the break.  It is messy and noisy and  I've no mind for cloth or even thought catching.  No quiet  except at the end of the day when we take a walk through the woods.

I really do like it as a skeleton. And speaking of such things, apparently there was, once upon a time, a snake (?) in that soggy old roof.


Imagine that

I did try to put out a newsletter for the Forever Zone, but I just cannot concentrate.  I've lots of unanswered emails and stuff left hanging.  This will drag on for a while, so just know it will all level out soon enough.  I seem to be exhausted from doing nothing.  Oops, here they come again, later...


  1. a snake, how exciting, and a tad scary too….hhmmm building and builders, never easy; we just spent 3 weeks without a shower! our handyman is a slow worker! makes you really appreciate a hot shower

  2. Deb

    I’ll bet your “roof” snake was a Black Snake since they will climb after critters. Apparently it was a nice safe place to shed, too. The pattern of the scales is so pretty…hmm, I’ll bet I could replicate that in blanket stitch! ; )

  3. Vi

    No rush…we shall still be here once The Quiet returns..house renovations tend to have their own relationship to Time:):)
    Wow..that skeleton..

  4. Wendy

    I absolutely love that rock wall fence, so beautiful. Looks like a big snake, I hate those things. Hope you can find abit of time to relax during the day even though it’s noisy.

  5. Tina

    I know there is a saying about weathering the storm before seeing the rainbow .. you got this Jude and it is going to be totally worth it.

  6. Jeri

    Oh my gosh, home renovations can be draining! Take the time you need and enjoy the process of your remodel.

  7. It’s going to feel so good when it’s done! And the land looks good there by the wall, beautiful. Take care and go easy. I’ll probably be walking in the woods this afternoon, too, if I’m still vertical.

  8. Nancy

    Wonderful found things! And Being-Made things, too! I’m in love with your Woods and old Stone Walls. I want to be walking among them…

  9. sharon

    ha! was missing soul-o… and then… there he was! nice he can escape the noise as well. o happy day to u and the man! x

  10. Pam S.

    I know that feeling Jude! Everyday after Hurricane Michael started with noise lasting till sunset! Hang in there. 🎧 🎶

  11. I love the way the bones of the porch echo the stand of trees! Straight, tall, rich brown! Awesome.
    That snake skin is amazing. We zoomed in on my laptop…wow!!
    Take it easy, go with the flow…all will be completed soon. xo

  12. CJ

    Seems like not the only one sheading some of the old. A clean slate. Tiny pipe burst and home flood here…only found wet insulation with mouse droppings and candy wrappers. Nice scaffolding set up they got going…amazing what beauty laborers can make with their hands. Won’t be long! 👐🏚️

  13. Jen

    What a lovely snake skin! –And a large one! (Wonder what species?)
    Hang in there, and Happy Anniversary!! xoxo
    Just imagine the celebration when that outdoor room is completed! Wahoo! Yippee!

    (not much stitching here, either, it’s already pushing 90 this week and there’s still a ton of gardening/landscaping projects to do!! )

  14. Jan Stevenson

    ‘hadn’t registered Friday the 13th, so cheers. I know it’s unsettling yet your creative space is being rebuilt with a good roof. worth the time. x

  15. Mieke

    That has to be awsome once finished, you will have the feeling being in nature always!
    Enjoy finishing this place.

  16. Corinne

    Looks like a tier of a paper wasp nest. Or very much like the eco-skeleton of a snake. Nature is marvelous. Hope the workers are not playing loud music while tearing, banging and hammering. I always marvel at items I discover in less travelled woods. Now I add to my moss path when I go out. A beautiful green. A happy place. Like cloth.

  17. Helen Lee

    No rush…ever.
    It does make a lovely skeleton.
    Snakes are so wonderfully mysterious.
    Happy anniversary to you and the Man ❤

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