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an edge but not

Sometimes what we do might just be an attempt to soften what seems a hard-edged world.  What if  learning  could be seen as a kind of softening?  The transformation of  the sharp edge.  As I age,  I learn so much more about people.  And I am able to accept them for who they are or even more importantly, who/what they think they are.  You know, rather than just ...

who the fuck do you think you are?

The cloth I call An Impression of May  has somehow moved with the season, mellowed into a bit more color.  It is just going like season does.

A Mothering , I want to call it that.

There are generations of softened cloth here.  All weary of a world of sharp edges.  Still holding.

Porch repair looms.  Noise, mess, cat trauma...  A little time out.




  1. I, too, love soft cloth. When I saw your soft points, my immediate reaction was such lovely mountains. Connecting that to what you were saying, mountains don’t seem like something soft. Then I thought of the sharp pointy Rockies and the older Appalachians that were once like the Rockies. So, mountains do also soften with age.

  2. Joan Hinchcliff

    Oh how I love this piece! Those luscious colors that age only enhances and those points reaching out sharply but being softened by that color.
    May your week be as calm as possible with the upcoming porch work.

  3. carroleb

    Happy Mothering Sunday all
    While I do feel a softening happening in some places in my life, I still feel a flinty anger which rises against the injustice in the world.
    I identified with your image of “flipping the bird” or maybe I am just an old hippie.

  4. Jana

    Happy, soft Mother’s Day to all dear souls here. That softening cloth looks almost cloud-like. Thank you for this soft place.

  5. sharon

    the porch repair will soon be behind you. looking forward to the cultivation of your indoor garden!!! happy mothering!

  6. CJ

    Spoke to my 98yo mother in law earlier. Upbeat. Happy. She never ever felt she was sacrificing her love and hands out so freely even from her tiny nursing home room. She softens others and inspires. The strongest of generations. 😘

  7. The softening that comes with aging is a treasure, as mothering needs that, the world needs that…We need that.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and may the porch go smoothly. Look towards the evenings when the workers go home…it may be a mess, but a still and quiet mess…a good way to get through perhaps?!
    “The best way out is always through” Robert Frost

  8. Bridget Ely

    Somebody once said to me .. you know what , it doesn’t pay to be nice .. and it always bothered me .. and do you know what ? .. as I’ve aged I’ve realised humanity needs to be bothered with it .. keep being a generous spirit , you are a shining light ..

    • What I’ve learned is that being nice isn’t for any kind of “pay.”
      “So what if it doesn’t pay to be nice. Be nice anyway, ” is what someone (probably my mother) said to me. And being “nice anyway” helps us learn not to be so selfish, which is really what’s wrong with the world these days. Since the beginning of humanity, actually, but it seems to be spiking again.

  9. Helen Lee

    My Mam would have been 91 today. She would have been a wonderful old lady. She was always a gentle soul.
    Happy Mother’s Day Jude and Ragmates.
    I prefer the softening as I age…like cloth.
    Wishing you the strength needed to endure noise and chaos.

  10. Valerie

    Lovely, lovely cloth. It’s soft-ness just makes me want to crawl into it and wrap myself— smother me, mother me. A cocoon against the hurts.
    You are a gift Jude. You and all of your rag mates who care and share.

  11. Jen

    Happy Mother’s Day, Jude!
    May we all have soft hands to hold our world with love & kindness🌸🕊️💕

    Best of luck with the porch chaos!

  12. Kim Mullen-Kuehl

    I am softening mainly because I’m getting tired of holding up the sharp edges. It’s easier to flow. Happy Mother’s Day.

  13. Nancy

    The longer we live, the more we observe; the more we observe, the more we understand. The more we understand, the more the “softening.” Happy Mother’s Day, Jude…

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