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april foolish

Selves,  the basket, considered yesterday  and the beast,  consistently part of my story building.  Because they are me, the character.  I wonder how it is that we come to tell stories that we are not part of.  Can they actually be true without being there?  Is that like playing telephone?

I think we need some repotting.

Suddenly growth.

I looked at the potted plants this morning.  A few cuttings brought from the old place. A few things rooted and potted up from groceries.  Those avocados are huge, too big for the little pots they are in. Then I looked at the beasts,  I looked through the blog at all the stray selves.

What if we grow out of ourselves?  I think so, hence the constant evolution of form. I have come to appreciate it more when it is not pretty.

Not pretty is on my mind in a big way.

I wonder what form it will take.

crossing over

...a drawing done while talking to my son on the phone yesterday.  Who called from somewhere outside of LA and told me I should move to California.

I love him, he is a wanderer in as many ways as he is grounded.

My brother reading. I like when he reads his own writings, they are stories.  He has a new book.  Just In Case It Isn't There: Postcards From Elsewhere, 1988-2000.  Just spreading the word, like we do.


  1. Maybe stories imagined are like the imagined part Came from somewhere…a memory deep inside…
    Love his reading and the doodle, such perspective~from here to there. I agree, prices in CA have gone way up and we have fires and heat…but you have deep snow and such. Perspective. The son on my end has tried to convince me to move to MA. So there you have it.
    While he read…that Mooo…we’ve been joking at work this week about those old moo cow toys – the ones where you turn it over and it moos. We have a little who whines like a cow. Go figure.

    • jude

      i am thinking a lot about stories today. mine and not mine, and where they meet. memory is so interesting.
      not enough energy to relocate again I don’t think, except maybe Turkey, since the man here is at least familar.

  2. CJ

    I lv being read too! Thx! Sweet! I pulled away more wander or settle?! See lots of switchbacks on your wandering doodle!

  3. sharon

    funny how this video of your brother reveals so much of your selves… it allows us to “know” you in a deeper way. great sense of the ironic.

  4. Corinne

    Just bought his book and listened to some more of his readings…..this line, “when it rains the cows just stand there.” We learn a lot from the beasts. I’ve been saying to myself lately during these difficult world tensions, and long locked down years, “just keep going” . Threaded through the good and evil doers of our time….the wild beasts (and my cats) also “just keep going” Thank you for your art, visions, wisdom and tapestries of life story.

  5. Sharon

    What a delightful Read this morning, thank you! Also enjoy all the comments makes me feel like I’m in a room with a group of wonderful women creative minds and honest thoughts.
    Thank you for sharing your brothers story thoroughly enjoyed it with the sounds of the cows at all.
    I’ve lived in California my whole life living by the ocean I feel like I’m in paradise love it 💕

  6. there are few things as sweet as hearing a writer read their own works aloud. I remember watching him do a reading in NY that perhaps Michelle attended way back.
    I always thought those beasts came from his trips to Bali. I have his other book and I will look forward to getting this one too.
    It’s April, and another new beginning.

  7. Deb VZ

    Your parents must have been something to have children who lead such interesting, reflective lives. This was a perfect post to close a difficult week. Thank you.

  8. When we tell a story — even one that is not ours — we do become a part of it. That’s one of the lovely tricks of telling!
    And thank you so much including your brother’s reading — evoking so many truths. And the setting for the reading was perfect (and somehow chiming with your beautiful cloths).

  9. Jeri

    I think we can carry story in us, it could be real or imagined and could still be part of us and true. And evolution of selves, constant, thank goodness.
    Loved hearing your brother, so many similarities between you! He mentions beasts and ragged!
    Isn’t that nice, he wants you close by!

  10. Amy

    I loved your brother’s reading–thanks for sharing that. I went to the book link, and found this last line on the post under Author: “But at the present moment, this volume holds only a past that has become as vast as the future once was.” That certainly speaks to one perspective of aging.

    • Mary Park

      Completeness, that’s how I feel today, For the past 3 years I have been taking care if aging parents, a real emotional battle, because I am a wanderer and I’ve been in one place too long,, your emails give me hope and make me think of places I’ve yet to go,, when I lost them I was lost, just tiny things like an email can really touch and inspire, but most of all they give me reassurance, there is good all around, if it’s not there create it, thanks

    • Vi

      Yes…would be really hard to tell a story without being part of it in some shape or form…!
      Thank you for sharing your brothers reading…so enjoyed the all too familiar imagery of ragged yellow flags flapping casually up to God…so beautifully expressed by him….the intertwining of the sacred meeting the everyday in some kind of casual elegance.
      Thank you.

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