jude hill spirit cloth

Just saying

As I sort through scrap, as I've been doing, I store a lot of the small pieces, by size,  in coffee cans ( well not cans really, they are cardboard containers)  that I covered in old paper.  Later I will make puzzle pieces out of them.  (painting by my boy)

yes the walls are still yellow, but the white paint is waiting.

It seems there is a storm moving in tonight and it has a name so it's a storm storm. Expecting rain, wind,  6-8" of snow. And then BIG wind.

I will be sitting in this chair... (paintings by Mark Lee...marklee.artist on instagram if you are there)...

no I am not going to vacuum

and stitching on this...

a bit of skitching and an eye so far

and talking about this if we don't lose power. Which seems likely. Losing power, that is.

Hey ho.



  1. Helen Lee

    Hope you’re ok in the crazy weather.
    I love your boy’s painting…those folds 😍
    That is such a cosy chair. Such a thrill to see Mark’s little paintings 😍
    Keep warm and safe ❤

  2. Laura

    I had to go back to ‘find’ the painting! The hanging cloth looked so real! So beautiful…
    I hope your power stayed through the storm!

  3. That simple beast shape always manages to convey so much. I hear it gently and protectively roar. Our storm was predicted to drop a couple inches. We got none, but temperatures in the teens.

  4. jeri

    You never have to vacuum for us… I love the close up photo of the piece you are working on. The warp and weft of the cloth is so yummy. I hope you have a nice day just stitching. Storming here too, no stitching for me though, packing up a pod today.

  5. CJ

    Quinlan the “bombogenesis!” Good Irish name!🍀 Forecasted cold wind at 1am for us! Bedside window open! 💙 Happy painting!

  6. Jen

    More rainstorms on the way for us as well. (Tail end of your storm🤔) Woke up to thunder this morning!
    I’m messing about with scraps today…
    Stay safe and warm!

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