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It's snowing  again and I am trying to enjoy it.

celebrating thread, the thread

life. in pieces

It's also Wednesday and I am considering bringing What if Wednesday back (that was long ago).  Probably because I have more questions than originally acknowledged.   And I made it a focus in the Forever Zone.  The thing is, I am really bogged down right now.  The washer is broken, there are mice in my scrap basket, and it's going to snow enough to shovel.   And I need to go to the market.

I did manage to solve the issues here for now.   Who cares how?   And I was thinking about photos and how they can be just as much as cloth to me sometimes.   If I think about them when I take them.   Especially if I photograph cloth, it can extend a composition.  Make me feel like I am working with cloth.   Over time I learn more about photos and how they work.   Like any medium, knowing more about it is critical to connecting to it.   Learning is a thread.  And the thread can be long and wandering like this post, yet still connect this and that.

It is quite possible that I will switch my posting to a late evening thing as spring ( where the hell did it go?) approaches.


    • jude

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  1. Dakotah

    Mice chewed through an old CQ blanket in our last rental. The cats just ignored them.
    My husband said he read today people actually go crazy because of how hard the time change is for them especially as it drags into March.
    I’m a natural bitcher too. Can’t help it.
    Keep finding myself dreaming about gardening…

    • jude

      people go crazy because of so many things, I keep asking what is crazy?

      sometimes bitching is just honesty. just saying. after all, how you feel is how you feel. there’s no right or wrong in it, but you can train yourself to change how you see things, but it is all so weird isn’t it? How we can see things…

  2. Sigh this might show up twice…I don’t know if the cat bumped something or what. I was going to offer you a cat if you needed it (but not really). I’ve had two birds get in the house over the last few months. Sadly, the cats are faster than I am. Hoping that I’ve figured out how the birds are getting in. One more day of sunshine here and then rain, might be a flood watch too.

  3. Alison Jory

    How wonderful to have so much wildlife around. Here on the edge of the city in. South-West England I am noticing a real reduction as people pave over their front gardens to make car parking spaces – far fewer hedgehogs.
    I just love that Soul-o is peaceable with the mice, although their antics can be trying. I have little ceramic German houses for Christmas that live in the cellar, one year I found that the mice had moved in, I still regret evicting them.

  4. Another reason I like you so much. Letting off the bitchy steam helps to bring in the peace. I embrace the feistiness as a means of finding balance. I wish I could say that cats get rid of mice, but in my experience, they either ignore them or bring me the bodies to the front door. 50/50 they’ll even help!

  5. sharon

    your photography speaks so powerfully to me. i look at it for a long time ‘n think about how what it’s saying connects to your words ‘n to your cloth. love the expression on soul-o’s face! x

  6. Carine

    Lavender in your scrap basket. Animals don’t like its smell. The appointment with springtime is March 21, rather after than before. Let’s enjoy the last cold days before we complain about the heat and mosquitoes!

    • jude

      I tried that. And mint. Persistent little buggers. chewed a hole right through the bottom of the basket.
      Ha! You sound like my mother, bless her heart. always on the bight side.
      Me, I love to bitch.

  7. Mary Ruth Smith

    You are so funny! I do enjoy your stories no matter their form or content. You make my days when you post. Been following you for a long time. I remember commenting on your circles many years ago and have followed you since then. You are such a wise artist and person.

  8. Velma Bolyard

    moths in my clothes, a mouse who collected fringe from the kitchen rug and redecorated my stationary drawer, snakes in the basement, birds and bats in the house, one three bat night, woodchucks and possums under the porch, meadow and deer mice and voles and shrews, flying and red squirrels, multitudes of insects and arachnids and this is the way it is. i had to herd a garter snake out of the basement monday after it played cobra, but i knew better. have you spoken with cat about the cooperative business deal you have?

  9. Janet Wright

    Be kind to yourself —sit back and let it happen. If something comes up–we won’t disappear–we will understand. Sometimes LIFE just gets in the way. This is supposed to be a pleasurable thing for both you and all of us. LET IT BE___WHATEVER!!!

  10. Diane

    Call me a whirlwind rebel, Jude. i am the same age as you. I decided to make the creating of art my priority, and ride on the joy of it all. Maybe you could consider that, instead of letting the technology and the organzing of things steal so much time and energy. You have given so much over the years. We can find all of it somewhere. Leave that work up to us. Ifnyou sew it, we will find you. Imagine a summer of just thinking thouhts into cloth. Think of it as an indefinite artist in residence reality.!

  11. jeri

    Snowing here too but not sticking. The ground is warm from the nice weather we’ve been having. The warm weather is promised to come back and that’s the way spring goes… back and forth.
    I’m in a bit of a tizzy myself at the moment. Mom used to tell me, take one thing on at a time and that’s what I’m doing, otherwise… it could get ugly. 😂
    What If Wednesday sounds wonderful! We’ll just go along with whatever you decide.

  12. the time of year when if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minues. Record breaking 80s monday and possible snow and sleet today and this weekend with a return to the 60s starting next monday (garden time!)

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