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Hello Ragmates

Just an update on continuing here

Soar above it...

Life being what it is,

we are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment.  Nothing compared to a lot of the troubles of others. So not complaining, just a note to say there is just no time.

But in my mind, I am still going.  It is good to develop that skill.  I know it will come in handy as I age.

Just a little Something...

standcelebrate season

I cobbled

a few

loose patches

in a hospital

waiting room.

A stitching base.

I probably will not have enough time to sit and stitch, so I did a quick digital sketch on my phone.

Sometimes imagining can fill a space and make it a place that is more like home.


flow like the sea

New Series Update


I will continue as planned with Everything in Perspective.  Although I am still gathering thoughts, it will simply be a password protected area of Feel Free which will include new content including my Loose Pages before they are published as a book. This series will be released for registration (in the shop) on February 1 and begin on my 71st birthday, on February 19. If all goes as I imagine. More details soon.

Parts 1 and 2 of Patchwork in Perspective (since you asked) will be available in the shop  on Friday January 14.  In case you want to visit before I continue.

Free classes are now password protected, use the contact form to gain access. It's just the way the world is.


  1. Alison TS

    Thinking of you. Clapping my hands, to hear about the book. Oh yes, and count me in. But for now, some peace for you and warmest wishes

  2. They (whoever “they” are) say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. We are all certainly being tested in that area. Hope your rough patch is soon smooth sailing.

  3. Ha ha, your stitching looks like a snow demon reveling in precipitation from a floral sky. Even in the midst of trying times you just keep making cool stuff. I hope you will coast into smoother waters soon.

  4. Sharon+Koch

    ah, the joy of filling a space with imaginings! looking forward to all of us ragmates gathered round you on your 71st trip around the sun. as jen sez, lots to celebrate! here’s to the next leg of our journey together… hey ho! x

  5. Glennis

    Take your time…it’s relative. Wishes for good outcomes. My dad used to use that phrase “rough patch” and it reminds me of him and his outlook. XO

  6. June-Etta

    I’m wishing you well as you go through this rough patch, dear Jude. Holding you tenderly in the Light, and sending loving greetings to accompany you.

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