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I have done a bit of edge dipping in the past, but I thought I might try a few new things.

What-iffing should be collective I think. So much could be learned. And I made a comment on my last post which is gnawing at me, might the Glossary be a community effort? How could we make that work?

Ok. So how about...

Everything in Perspective


I think that might be a good way to look at things going forward.  I will open up Patchwork in Perspective parts 1 and 2 for those of you who have asked to purchase access.  I will put it in the shop soon, as soon as I get through a few  issues here which are taking my focus away from my normal day to day. I have had a bit of change of heart about open learning recently.  I want to share everything but I cannot deal with the downside of free and open any longer, some people are very mean spirited and well, I just want to maintain a more respectful circle of going. I also need to maintain a stream of modest income, because I do maintain an element of support for others in need, because I can, and I that means why not?

So, I will continue to offer my basic older classes for free but I will be changing the passwords at one point so you or anyone new will have to contact me directly to get the access information. Direct contact really makes a difference in the way folks act.

And I will be offering  what I will call Everything in Perspective, a new and final part of Patchwork in Perspective that will run from February 19th 2022 (my 71st birthday) until the end of time as I can know it.  This will allow me to reconsider everything past in the context of pulling it forward.  Maybe with a monthly focus. I will gather my thoughts and share them with you, hopefully before they wander off.  And then maybe you can help me shape this journey.

I have a bit of storming to do.  And we are expecting a bit of snow. Or at least I hope so.


  1. “Is everything an accident?” My answer would be yes and no. Yes, in the sense of not noticing, or accepting, or adapting to unplanned and unexpected events. No, in the sense of noticing the unplanned, the unexpected and adapting and evolving plans to include or work around the unexpected, which then becomes serendipitous.

  2. Kirsten

    This right here speaks so much to me: ” I want to share everything but I cannot deal with the downside of free and open any longer, some people are very mean spirited”. This past Sunday I was on a free class offered by a quilter who makes part of her living teaching. I was astonished by the number of students who were asking her to show them techniques beyond what she had set the time up to demonstrate. And yes, there is a huge downside to “free and open” — people are never happy with what they get and always thinking that they should have received more after all it is free.

    I for one appreciate everything that is shared here — free or not!

    Can hardly wait to see where “everything in perspective” goes!

  3. Thank you, Jude, for your Gift of sharing so many gifts with the world!
    And “Edges” — Yes! so important. They are places where biodiversity thrives and changes & places where Trickster [like human creativity in all its positive & negative aspects] loves to dance!

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