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I have done a bit of edge dipping in the past, but I thought I might try a few new things.

What-iffing should be collective I think. So much could be learned. And I made a comment on my last post which is gnawing at me, might the Glossary be a community effort? How could we make that work?

Ok. So how about...

Everything in Perspective


I think that might be a good way to look at things going forward.  I will open up Patchwork in Perspective parts 1 and 2 for those of you who have asked to purchase access.  I will put it in the shop soon, as soon as I get through a few  issues here which are taking my focus away from my normal day to day. I have had a bit of change of heart about open learning recently.  I want to share everything but I cannot deal with the downside of free and open any longer, some people are very mean spirited and well, I just want to maintain a more respectful circle of going. I also need to maintain a stream of modest income, because I do maintain an element of support for others in need, because I can, and I that means why not?

So, I will continue to offer my basic older classes for free but I will be changing the passwords at one point so you or anyone new will have to contact me directly to get the access information. Direct contact really makes a difference in the way folks act.

And I will be offering  what I will call Everything in Perspective, a new and final part of Patchwork in Perspective that will run from February 19th 2022 (my 71st birthday) until the end of time as I can know it.  This will allow me to reconsider everything past in the context of pulling it forward.  Maybe with a monthly focus. I will gather my thoughts and share them with you, hopefully before they wander off.  And then maybe you can help me shape this journey.

I have a bit of storming to do.  And we are expecting a bit of snow. Or at least I hope so.


  1. “Is everything an accident?” My answer would be yes and no. Yes, in the sense of not noticing, or accepting, or adapting to unplanned and unexpected events. No, in the sense of noticing the unplanned, the unexpected and adapting and evolving plans to include or work around the unexpected, which then becomes serendipitous.

  2. Kirsten

    This right here speaks so much to me: ” I want to share everything but I cannot deal with the downside of free and open any longer, some people are very mean spirited”. This past Sunday I was on a free class offered by a quilter who makes part of her living teaching. I was astonished by the number of students who were asking her to show them techniques beyond what she had set the time up to demonstrate. And yes, there is a huge downside to “free and open” — people are never happy with what they get and always thinking that they should have received more after all it is free.

    I for one appreciate everything that is shared here — free or not!

    Can hardly wait to see where “everything in perspective” goes!

  3. Thank you, Jude, for your Gift of sharing so many gifts with the world!
    And “Edges” — Yes! so important. They are places where biodiversity thrives and changes & places where Trickster [like human creativity in all its positive & negative aspects] loves to dance!

  4. amaranda de jong

    Absolutely agree with your decision to charge Jude .I’m in, looking forward our journey to “forever ” together friend of the ether x ( who on earth is being mean ? unbelievable !)

  5. Rose Bosse

    Hi Jude. I so value your blog and all the wonderful inspiration you share. Being relatively new to stitching (2 years? or so), I learn so much from the ‘feel free’ lessons and just watching you stitch on those videos. I’d be more than happy to pay for access to the new password-protected lessons, a great way for me to give back to you. Go well. Rose

    • So lovely to be back in community again, after being away from technology since last spring.
      I’m still here, just going with all the Patchwork in Perspective teachings.
      I would be happy to support the circle of learning, Love your thoughts and gentle teachings.

  6. I’m here. I’m in. But, you probably knew that.
    Silly Story: Back in the early 1980’s at the grocery store camera counter (where I had all of my film developed – remember That?!)…there was a small display of purse sized photo albums, 4X6…plastic, slip the photo in the page kinda thing. Anyway, when I was in there one day I inquired about them and was told that they had been sitting there for ages, with a FREE sign on them. Nobody took one, just looked and set it back down. So the employees decided to Charge for them. 10 cents. They sold out immediately!
    Human Nature is an odd bird!

  7. Sara and Bob Jordan

    Wow, what could people possibly be “mean” about? Sad. I love your inspiration and eagerly await what’s next!

  8. Shame on the mean people!!! I have followed your blog for as long as you have been doing it–daily inspiration for me. Sets the tone for my day/week. I hope you keep on. I wonder why some people don’t value anything that is free?

    • Dale Odberg

      Hi Jude, I just put coins in the Feel Free to support your giving and your platform. Not sure if it will allow me to watch the Perspective sewing, anyway, I am okay as I can watch your videos. I have a hard time managing to keep order in my head & mainly work to be calm and kind. All the best to you and your loved ones

  9. Jenny knowles

    I enjoy being part of the circle. It challenges me to step into a space where I might explore cloth which I love without a pattern to follow which is difficult and refreshing at the same time

  10. Rita Hollingsworth

    Sure….whatever you want to do is great. I enjoy your “talks” and especially the way your mind works. I don’t do much slow stitching now, but it pretty much saved my life going in and out of the hospital with my darling. So much time just sitting and waiting. Now, unfortunately, my time is my own, and I’m back to bigger art quilts. However, I still have my boxes of tiny squares and I WILL take your class in the Beasts, next year…and however you wish to present it is uber cool with me. Thanks for the few minutes I spend with you most mornings, they are always a fun and imaginative …..rita

  11. I’m in, just for the wisdom. I don’t do that much patchwork despite promising myself to just pick it up once, again. But I can hang in the background and read and take it all in. You give so much more than patchwork/sewing/pattern here.

  12. Mary Ellen Fresquez

    Ever since I discovered your website/blog, I have been borrowing (or is it stealing) ideas. Your work is inspiring and I would gladly pay for a subscription to continue this journey. Your creativity deserves compensation. Much respect from here in Arizona.

    • jude

      if it was stealing, you would not be here saying. I am really not worried about that part anymore, but I will gather my thoughts once again in that regard.

  13. Patricia C Petrovich

    Such wisdom here. I enjoy all the thoughtful comments. I recently unearthed a box of my 20-year old journals plus a diary from the early ’70s. Feared the re-reading but am finding the repeating of the circle, “the line that found itself.” Quite reassuring that I’ve been on a purposeful and meandering path for all these years.

  14. Sharon+Koch

    circles are nice. the willingness to bend in new directions. holding hands. seeing a central focus from multiple perspectives simultaneously. sharing a common language, while inventing new ones. radiating ripples outward… x

  15. Sue Dunn

    Have you considered a monthly subscription? I look forward to your blog posts and instructions and inspiration , I would pay a monthly subscription that just got charged to my credit card or paypal.

  16. the sense of community and belonging is very important to me … and I “get” the turning away from “Free” not to be exclusive, but to encourage us all to be invested … and by that I mean having a willingness to share and participate in the give-and-take of discovery (having just shepherded a grandchild through a science project I am keenly aware of how much we learned together)

    I don’t have a clear sense of how it all might go, but I do recall the Forum in Considering Weave was a real game -changer for me personally … so yes, I would like to be a part of it all (again) so long as it doesn’t become burdensome for you

  17. Im in whatever you decide. Ive been feasting on your old blog posts!
    Poops on the meanies.
    Regarding the dipped edge… Totally reminds me of how I used stamp pads, inks and even flame on the edges of my mixed media books. I love that effect.
    So salvaged and rescued feeling.

  18. Yes! I think free is overrated and is too enormous and in some ways it is never enough. I loved those early forums. But as always, will gratefully will go where you might lead.

      • Vi

        Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more.
        I am new to your blog and pretty new to stitching as well. It’s a journey I begun last year around my 64th birthday…and simply loving the roads you take us on. You share unstintingly and are so generous with your thoughts and ideas, from which… I have benefitted in more ways than one.
        So very true about people often responding meanly to “free”..having faced that too, in other fields.
        Great that you will be charging…makes all the sense in this world.
        I look forward to join in when I can.

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