jude hill spirit cloth

We Try to Understand

My hands, clasped. In case it isn't immediately obvious.

When we get up close, things transform. The change in perspective always interests me.  Especially when you seem to lose what you are used to as the big picture.

holding one thing and another as one

I took this picture to explain the stitches I took (skitch skatch) , this time to integrate the surprising yellow cloth with the silk self base.

In sympathy with something more perfectly imagined.

Whether or not I explain, a form results from what I might be thinking. In this way, the form itself embodies story.

Hanging on

It's been quite a summer.


  1. Deb VZ

    Something I have learned from following your blog and the conversations held here…is to not worry about what something “means” while I’m in the process of making. I am trying to tie together a collection of smaller stitched pieces and the more I try to make it say something, the more critical I become. I think I need to just follow my instincts and once its done, it might tell me what it means (or it might not) or might not “mean” a thing and was just a satisfying exercise in making.

  2. Love this…sense of totally letting go of preconceived…
    I’ve been trying to play with that with my current weaving. Some moments it is easier than others. But, what I’m noticing is that yes, things end up belonging, fitting. If it were only so easy in other areas of life. I think I’m talking in circles…which leads to the red circle…I love how it holds the figure, until it doesn’t and then it just continues on in its circling way…just going.

  3. Sharon Koch

    this new form resonates deeply. freeing. how it belongs, yet doesn’t “fit”. the joy of that. the on-going adventure of continual change. no need to block it or hide it, but to lovingly embrace it. X

  4. Lynn

    Wonderful little beastie; your creations never cease – always building one on another to provide us with joy. Thank you Jude.

  5. janstevenson

    it has been quite a summer. it’s interesting to see musicians performing again. how they move into what they know best how to do. how the past year was still creative, but in a deeper and more expansive way. the music sounds richer to me.

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