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nine du jour

Just  Nine 3" squares. Because I spent most of rainy yesterday replenishing my basket of puzzle pieces.  I do this mostly when I feel puzzled. No plan really. Just the potential for a solution.   Maybe just a nine patch.

perfect, that's it

And then, I pressed them to a big clothHeal,  just to look at them.  You know how cloth sticks to cloth sometimes, like a felt board.  I liked them there and now they are pinned.   Because they started to fall down when the damp wind blew through the window.

They are really quite beautiful. They say they are much more of a problem this year because of the awful heat and too much rain.  At the advice of a neighbor, I went out around sunset and picked them off all my plants.  They eat at night.  I moved them far away.  This morning. Ok.  I'm sure they will be back.  I need some light exercise anyway.


  1. vickiseastrom

    I appreciated comments yesterday with an alternative view, looking at the work of the beetles with an artist’s eye rather than oh-no eyes. Helpful to see it another way, expanding my thinking into curiosity!

  2. Jax

    I am so inspired by this blog. Yet, how does one make time for oneself (to sew, to try, to explore, to experiment) in the face of constant distractions and demands of others, of the world, of life? Any insight would be appreciated.

    • Jen NyBlom

      Jax~~Try just taking 5-10 mins of your day to stitch a little patch or two…doesn’t have to be a grand production, a huge project requiring mega amounts of time…most of us just stitch a little here & there, and after awhile–you can look at your project and see the progress!
      Sometimes, just creating and sewing little components together can be very satisfying, and they don’t require much time! 🙂

  3. debgorr

    Looking at the squares on heal, I like that it can either be assembling or disassembling…. Bugs and beetles, so much to be curious about.

  4. Dakotah

    I think my ducks put a serious dent in the beetle population here. I haven’t found any of their larvae under things and so far no hatch.
    I used to love those felt story boards. ☮️💟

    • jude

      That I can deal with, that the ducks are just eating and things can be in balance.
      I loved them too, using a quilt on the wall like this, makes me feel like a kid again.

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