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Just because

I love how spiders look back at you

Just Because she was present here on the porch.  It's 7 AM and already 65.  The chill has past.  Bees are a-buzzing.

basically, home sweet home

She, the spider, is hiding under the cloth now.

Probably fairly true to color.  The porch wall might not be the best place to photograph.  Color seems to change there.  But color is not a "thing" anyway, it is a relationship between the eye and the brain and the moment.  Anyway, the roof is a deep red, I took many pictures where it seemed dark brown.

I stitched this to an old piece of Japanese cotton.  It has a bit of a curve to it that doesn't want to straighten.  But hey, I can relate to that.  Being an old cloth.

It is framed now.  Reminding me of an old sampler.  I am inclined to add words. But then not.  A frame can be  like Naming sometimes.  The context it might bring.  I like that I have framed the seemingly unfinished. The contrast in that.

I like that this seems like paper. Like  a drawing.  What if I continue with that idea?  A transition from cloth to paper that might still be cloth...for a while.


The world around me is in bloom.  I put my older hands up top. And moved most of the top menu items to the sidebar.  Just remodeling a bit.   Trying to feel at home.


  1. The lines weaving in and through this one are great. It seems a different spider greets us each morning in the sink. Should say, greets me, because I’m the only one here who will take it to a new home. The guys just holler for me to come…sigh

  2. vickiseastrom

    As I am aging, I see in my hands my father’s hands, not my mother’s. It is both unnerving and wonderful, a little tug of memory tinged with the wistful sadness and wonder of things and people passed. Thank you for this place to share.

  3. Sharon Koch

    this cloth reminds me of a blueprint. framing the unfinished. how appropriate that a “weaver” has found shelter beneath your patchwork house!

  4. kathydorfer

    I keep thinking it was only a few years ago I started this journey with you .
    until I look at my journals . yikes ( :

  5. Jen NyBlom

    I started stitching today (becuz the %$#@! PO lost my commissin piece; AAAAARRGH!!) after many days of “playing” in the gardens…it is VERY Windy today; fitting! “Windsday” as Pooh and Piglet would say….
    I “need’ to go slap another coat of paint on the arbor….but the needle keeps whispering my name…
    I love your hands, your spider, your blossoms, your Home.

  6. (((Jude))) do you wash & damp stretch your cloths when they are finished? I’m working on a very wriggly piece and wondering when to have a go at cleaning and stretching it…

      • ah thanks for this, am feeling nervous about washing it as there are so many different weights of cloth and thread on very old linen… thinking maybe using just a very clean damp cloth to freshen it up and then hang it on the clothesline for some light and air

  7. I love the fade of this home, the way it seems to be aging so gracefully, flower and all. I suspect it made just fade away completely, which is lovely and peaceful too. To be or not to be, that is the question!
    It is nice to see your hands here. Can you see me waving my much older hands, no rings also back?

  8. Valerianna Claff

    Such a tidy edge for you. I have a young wolf spider that lives at my front door. Sometimes just inside the threshold, sometimes outside. Considering the eventual size of the spider, I’d prefer it if she’d stay on the outside of the door!

  9. Linda

    I loved seeing your old hands. I compared them to mine. Wish I had a pic of my hands back in 2012 when I started Spirit Cloth. Almost 10 years of virtual visiting.

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