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Just Earth Home


Earth House.  Just Home #7.  What if (?) this one became a lot bigger.  Grew to be a base for all the others?  I'm just asking though, imagining how that could happen.  Sometimes, well probably most of the time, thinking is doing.  I remind myself too that doing is sometimes less about thinking.  But that kind of doing is different than the doing that catches thoughts.  And that has lot to do with what it is for. I think. I have 2 more Just Homes to go. To get to nine.  Nine always seems enough times for me to  expand a thought.  Sticks with me then. I cropped this one a bit to make the square.  And will probably work with that flow again. Find a way for it to matter.  Work it through the other areas.

My arthritis has flared up and sleeping is nearly impossible.  I can see the 70s will be a new challenge. It is important to keep moving.  Sitting here at the computer or even in a chair sewing, these cannot be my main activities.  That is a lot to think about.

Two freezing nights, but the warmth is returning.


  1. Imagining your home cloth- that you could wrap up in home, have home wherever you go. Learning to be my own home has been one of my long journeys. Sorry about the arthritis, feeling the edges of it here.

  2. Jude, I have had 4 knee surgeries and two back surgeries. I also have arthritis. I use turmeric capsules instead of pain killers. Also use a topical boswellia cream. Not perfect, but helps a lot.

  3. just found your blog along the pinterest highway… i have enjoyed hand stitching for many years… love all your pieces and starting to create one myself after viewing a few of your videos and photos…. learning a lot… thank you very much… i too suffer from arthritis and have to slow down the hours i stitch…

  4. Dakotah

    There’s a fabulous scene in Grace and Frankie where 70-something Lily Tomlin does a huge deep knee bend and says “I’m not ready for retirement! These joints are still supple!!!” 😁

  5. Arthritis…sound like we’re all in the same boat on this one. I still have many things to try, just trying to keep moving and way less sugar for now, which (believe it or not) is hard for me, as I love sweets and am not a big mover and have limited places to do that, hence all of the walks. Sigh.
    earth house, a home for all 🙂

  6. Joanne in Maine

    74 here soon to be 75. My fingers lock up when I over do things. but I stretch and wiggle around- lifting a shoulder turning for no reason. I don’t like meds either but good to know less dairy and sugar will help.

      • Dear Jude, I guess you meant “anti”-inflammatory? I’m 78 this year (horrorshow!) and my doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory pills, ones that don’t rev up my asthma. They settle the inflammation that causes arthritis and thereby provide pain relief, as I understand it. Check out your individual cases with your trusted doctor, who can explain choices – everybody’s different and there are so many solutions these days. Science and medicine shouldn’t be so feared. You don’t have to suffer.

  7. (((Jude))) have you tried doing Tai Chi? To keep Old Man Crow’s knee moving in anticipation of his knee replacement surgery we started doing a Tai Chi class back in November, this gentle form of exercise stretches all the muscles, improves circulation and energy flows, my fingers and toes look & feel more alive than they have this century.

  8. deemallon

    Dear Jude. The earth skatch with roof expresses so much of how I think about climate. This being our only home, etc. It really works as a symbol. I too have arthritis and have for years and it is a drag. I find moving sometimes helps and sometimes doesn’t. Usually does. I have heating pads all over the house. How I rely on them! At some point I’ll start taking Tylenol regularly but I resist. Also tried cbd oil and you think, “oh this helps,” but does it really? I don’t know.

    • jude

      I like how this worked too.
      I resist all medication, especially pain killers. I was wondering about the CBD thing…
      Less dairy, glucosamine, apple cider vinegar, tumeric and fish in my diet helps a lot. Sugar and Alchohol can undo it all tho, in a short time. I do stray. And Pay🙄.
      Yoga and walking really saves the day. So far.

  9. Jen NyBlom

    Well, Earth is certainly our Home! Am really digging all these ideas!

    “Old age ain’t for sissies”—huh. A dozen years behind you, Jude, but still…this ole ‘house”is getting a bit crumbly too…trigger thumb in left hand and on the right, a stiff middle finger (I haven’t been over-using it, HONEST!! Hahahaha)
    …neck/back; another issue…GAH!
    So, I keep moving, adjusting, adapting—becuz I MUST sew, garden, create.

    Sending healing love your way. xoxo

  10. Rae Fuller

    Hi Jude sorry to hear about arthritis. I am having a shoulder issue and wondering if I will be able to sew and embroider anymore. A bit older than you. It is hard to deal with! Good for you figuring out movement and diet.

  11. janstevenson

    I have an idea that any kind of limited motion, especially with pain, is about flow and scale. and being connected to the whole. I aim to think more about this as I move towards 70. 4 and a bit years to go.

  12. Barbara Mcdaniel

    Love your houses, sorry you hurt…we are all figuring out the same things, there is a comfort in not being alone

  13. Pam S.

    So sorry to hear you’re having arthritis pain and hope it eases up soon for you 💙
    The houses are all coming along so beautifully 👍🏻❤️

    • jude

      no , not really, although certain weather can aggravate it. It is mostly age related. I can keep it at bay with proper diet and exercise, yet it still progresses. Moving makes a hell of a difference even though that might not make sense when it hurts to move. Staying still makes moving worse.

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