jude hill spirit cloth


this one saved me from a very blue day

Flow.  A little Liquid Applique.

Earth Alive.  I will call it that.


  1. vickiseastrom

    Thank you for saving me from a rather blue day, good that we are here/there for each other . . . just floundered my way over to your applique page where I watched you stitch the green pool . . . mesmerizing and meditative. Spring disappeared a bit the last couple of days and I think colder air and wind are contributing to my blues . . . that and I have a project I am avoiding that I love and yet find hard to start and restart . . . off I go, refreshed from a dip into your creativity!

  2. Sharon Koch

    just out of the blue! i see a cheeky squirrel carting off an acorn. luscious texture, reminds me of felted roving. now i need to go weave something… x

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