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There are suddenly wild turkeys everywhere.

Yesterday was just a hilarious day.  It's Turkey Time. They were everywhere. And noisy. ( I posted a little movie on Instagram because it is easy to do that over there.)

That stone wall is not the end of the property. The edge of an original parcel. But this lot has 5 of them.  Sectioned by these stone markers.  The  long ago owner had plans to sell them separately. These pieces were not buildable because of the stone and the steep terrain.  So they were all lumped together and sold as one piece.

There are many ways to grow an image, sometimes it is confusing as to how it happens.

I did a bit of work on Just Home #4, the house.  Dividing the red space by adding a patch of like colored silk with a subtle pattern. And then some stitched lines.  To break up the patch and give it some visual and tactile interest.  And the roof has roots. Because, well, everything has roots.

I've begun to look at working in a series as something different. Of course it will take some time to explain

All together and suddenly I have some other thoughts about community, as a basket.  But I need to think more because an image is half formed.


  1. Acey

    did the redbud bloom yet? love the magnolia tree. And the idea of the turkeys. Tomorrow we’re having snow all day. But at this point I think the green will just keep greening. massive numbers of ticks, though …

    • jude

      I was just going to post a pic of the redbud, almost. Looks like mostly rain here. I’m rather surprised at how few ticks I’ve encountered. Been making paths all winter to avoid the brush.
      The dogwood and cherry are on the edge of bloom. And the pear, which needs attention. Fungus, maybe neem oil?

  2. Wendy

    Your tree is magnificent! And those turkeys seem to be right at home among your beautiful landscape. Those rock walls are just amazing and really go well with the property from my viewpoint. Spring is always so beautiful and your place has some really beautiful gems!

  3. Sharon Koch

    it seems this place is unveiling itself to you, one layer at a time. loved hearing a bit of its history, of which you’ve now become a part…

  4. Love the turkeys, the magnolia, the rocks. It’s all so peaceful to me. Here the camellia is winding down and the lilac are beginning to bloom (and the daffodils are still going like the energizer bunny). This week is sunny and too hot for April (it should be raining), but is nonetheless splendidly beautiful and peaceful here, too.

    Song going through my head this week–to the tune of Paul Simon’s Slip Slidin’ Away: Skitch Skatchin’ Away.

  5. Wow, that tree! I, like Liz, miss the turkeys from when we lived further back up the road. Ours were quite brave! The red ‘window’ meshing in is wonderful. We’re heading back to low 90’s again. Rain would be nice.

  6. Joanne in Maine

    I was leaving the house one day last week and as my car moved down the driveway I looked left- to see a long and very busy line of wild turkey- pulling up the back of the line- the only male. I stopped the car to watch them cross the lawn and walk along the side of the house. A gift to see them. Snow tomorrow here in Maine.

  7. Gwen

    30 cm snow last couple of days-everything white again. Our friend has his office in his basement and the turkeys from a nearby forest peck on his window wanting free legal advise!

  8. I do miss our Hill Country turkeys … especially the hens who traveled together, looking out for each other … and were so incredibly unimpressed by the toms

    and I’m thinking a spring breeze is surely spinning the little weathervane atop the fourth house … blowing the last bit of thread off the roof … bending the grasses before it as it travels through

    • jude

      I’m learning about them now. Just watching.
      There always seems to be that stay thread, ready to hitch a ride with whatever moves through

  9. i love how one and one and one make way more than three – I find that with paper collage in journals too – pages that don’t work individually do well in “community.” Love the turkeys and am jealous of all those stone walls. I have clay. and more clay. If I want rocks (and I do so love rocks) I have to pay for and import them. And I do. That tulip magnolia in the turkey picture looks wonderfully old and magnificent!

  10. Sandi

    I am loving your daily writings and stitching very much. You upper photo is lovely, looks like a painting. Thank you for them sharing each day.

  11. 2017marie

    So glad that you are finding joy in your new home…It will be new for several years, and then one day, it won’t be. I love stone walls, and turkeys and blossoms…

  12. Jen NyBlom

    That magnolia is quite large! I wonder how long it has been growing? I would love to observe wild turkeys–fascinating! (all birds fascinate me–even turkey buzzards, tho’ my love of crows dims in Springtime, songbird nest-robbers that they are)
    I’m so intrigued by this house project; I’ve had a thing for this DWELLING idea for quite awhile… (years)
    I am enjoying this stitch phase for sure—
    Can’t wait to hear of your half-formed community idea…. Hmmmm!

    STORMING since the wee hours here on the Gulf Coast…(insert rolling my eyes here) SO much lightning & thunder!! (esp for so early in the season) SO thankful we don’t live near creeks/rivers/low-lying areas—flood watches in effect. Yeesh.

    I will keep storm stitching….

    Enjoy those turkeys! 😀

    • jude

      the Magnolia is huge. Right there at the front door. When we looked at the house the low branches actually blocked the front steps. The previous owner, a retired judge from New York City, used this only as a summer home. And he somewhat crippled and came in through the garage, never used the front door. I think the tree was here when they bought the house 27 years ago.

      I am letting the lightness of this series renew me a bit. Reconsidering a lot of things.

      We might get some snow here, eeeeek.

      • Jen NyBlom

        Aw, thank you for sharing that 🌸💖 I do so love the “back story”…( Makes one wonder, what back story will others tell after we’ve gone?….uh, oh, ANOTHER Idea forming!! 😅)
        Noooooo, not snow, again! 😖
        Ferocious thunderstorms here since the wee hours…”Lake NyBlom” as made it’s reappearance 🤦🌊
        ( So thankful to not live in a flood zone, flash flood warnings now)
        I’m over the “April Showers” deal.
        Have a lovely day 🌞🌸💕

  13. mritan55

    This series really captures me because I moved recently and am trying to make this place feel like home. Maybe this kind of stitching would help with that.

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