jude hill spirit cloth


Change is constant, but shift, a sense of evidence, becoming apparent sometimes suddenly although it is just a sign of something slower.  There are so many pieces of me here.  A pathwork, a moon, magicfringe, the skoodle, selvesbasket, waves, the square, cloth weaving. Fire. The  beast.

But today I see signs of shapeshifting.  And a small quiet journey underground, out of sight.

I'm ready for that.

It's just shift. A word I use a lot but need to consider so I have no listing in Spirit Cloth Language.  I'm not sure about words anymore.  Never convinced that anyone understands what I am talking about. Never sure what anyone else is talking about.  Pretty sure it doesn't really matter. I'm interested in form and what that may say. Or not.

I'm almost done with this.  I like what happened.  I cannot touch the lines.  It reminds me of how my old work on paper  was left unfinished, filled in where I felt the need. So I am happy with the link there.  I did weave the fringe right through on the bottom.  Interesting how it transformed into patches. A kind of loose , fragmented version of continuing.  And that is how it is these days.

And the distortion on the bottom.  The tension of the dense stitch,  the liquid quality of the too thin cloth base.  The lack of focus on that part because of the focus elsewhere.  The awareness of how a shift of focus might leave us unaware of the bigger picture. The stepping back to get a new perspective.  The acceptance of how it happened  tied to the way the thread  moved though me.


  1. Even when I’m not sure if I understand, there is always the feeling of it all that comes through, and the possibilities. Your doodling here feels like another dimension to the story, making your stray feel even more real. During today’s stitching- the thoughts of “this could…”, “or that might…”, “or maybe…” felt like gifts. oxo

  2. Sharon Koch

    “the liquid quality of the too thin cloth base” appeals to me. ephemeral. allowing shift. like soft sketch lines, fading. spirit cloth seeds planted quietly within us. for each, a unique vision grows… magic.

  3. grace

    going back to the second photograph of the post of the 7th….there is SO much there and now
    surrounded with the more familiar, i keep going back to that one then return to this today.
    there is so much going on with those lines that chose to form into image in just the way they did.
    I hope you continue with the lines, the ink…how so much, seen, barely seen and just intimated
    occupies the same space

    • jude

      I think I will continue to choose line as a a component, a way to visibly connect the dots, that is they seem to be a path between what I see and what it might become, they mark those small journeys in thought.

  4. cednie

    I think I’m getting it… the way this piece happened. And the connection with seeds. I hope they sprout! Sprouts never fail to thrill me.

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