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Journal February 23rd 2021

Holding thought aka thought catching

Sometimes, trying to explain is the most difficult part.  There is often what seems like a disconnect between hand and mind. That is the bridge we need to build. And keep in good repair.

The truth is in the going.  And the value is in the acceptance of of how it might go.

The creative act is not outside of you.  Art does not  create itself.  An image does not form of it's own accord.  That is just vague in my opinion.  Misleading in so many ways.  The mystery is often entertaining and fills the void by temporarily providing an excuse. I would rather get real. To dig out the spirit of the thing.  Even if it isn't romantic or pretty or doesn't fit expectation.  Just  accept the the beauty in that. ithink

Another Yesterday's Heart

To explain the process of Skitch Skatch  would probably help me with where I feel I am going. And I can do that , by example.

Maybe , then, you might try going there too.  That sometimes helps me, the conversation that might spring forth. And you can do that by following along.

And then the many paths that might open up as we diverge. In thought. Because I get as much from all this sharing as you might. And the story part is in the going.

The source of Story ...is you...

I tried to dig where yesterday's heart came from. Feel free to disagree. yesterday

I will continue using this heart project from yesterday which will still be yesterday's heart tomorrow...

Assuming I will still be here to continue. I can think forward about that but I cannot know.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and processes. There is something that draws me here. I came across you in passing more than a year ago looking for a technique on applique, stitching, best permanent markers and paint to use on fabric. I lost the place where you were and spent quite a while searching. Finding you again made me so happy and, now I can follow and learn on a regular basis. It is often hard to put what’s in your brain onto paper or fabric.

  2. Sharon Koch

    feels like opening up the next chapter in a picture book of tall tales… your patchwork tells stories most would not believe. yet they’re more than real. then you show us how. butterflies dance inside as we follow you thru the looking glass, pencils in hand, singing our own version of paul simon’s classic…”skitch-skatchin’ away, skitch-skatchin’ away… y’know the nearer your destination, the more you’re skitch-skatchin’ away…” x

    • Yvonne Moxon

      Not very successful at leaving a comment, technology is not my strong point, I’ll try again perhaps 3rd time lucky, yesterday’s heart and words are both beautiful and inspiring. After ‘what ifing’ in my sketchbook 4 days, your post and words compelled me to stitch, what emerged was very encouraging and different, thank you Jude

  3. Marie

    Hi Jude 🙂 As always I appreciate what you share. Love the heart (s). After turning 60 and my job disappearing because the company decided to close my location and this past year of nonsense I find great comfort in seeing what you share and I am grateful that you still choose to let us all be a part of the journey. <3

  4. I love your work and appreciate the true artist in you. I am finding my way in new surroundings which has all my creative thoughts/ideas/abilities up in the air. Thanks for sharing what you know. It’s helped me tons!

  5. Deb VZ

    I keep a collection of thoughts/insights gathered from a variety of sources to refer back to from time to time as needed (was it you, Jude, that suggested creating one’s own “bible”? Perhaps that’s what these “collections” of mine are becoming). While I’m tempted to print this entire blog entry and the related comments, I’ll leave it to:

    “The truth is in the going. And the value is in the acceptance of of how it might go.”


    “Yes, this you can do, you are a universe…show us.”

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and processes.

  6. Pam S.

    I like the combination of sketching and stitching it’s like a path for me to take or wander off when I feel like it! Always many thanks for sharing Jude! 💗

  7. snicklefritzin43

    Your sharing of thoughts, speaking your story, being present is always a grounding energy in my journey with creating/life. I appreciate what you say, I hear. Thanks for your presence in my life.

  8. Vicki Hollander

    So beautiful…yes…..voice of the soul…streaming through the fingers…such a gift…
    Pre beginner question…what color of Pitt markers is most useful?

  9. joy in az

    Your new format here is different & refreshing. Love that I can click on the Blog-journal tab to see all the recent posts. Much to discover here. Thank you for this artful digital presence.

  10. Jen NyBlom

    I love the no bullshit, & the going, just doing, change is inevitable and a good thing approach.
    “yesterday’s heart” is SUCH a good analogy…we just are never ‘quite’ the same as we were the day before, tho we ARE ourselves. <3 <3 <3

  11. Kim

    What I love about your skitch skatch is the way you use the pattern from the fabric to fit with the lines of your sketch. Or maybe your sketch starts by following the lines of the cloth’s pattern. Either way, it’s very pleasing to the eye and not as easy to do as some might think.

    • jude

      I am always trying to honor cloth, in this way or that. The best way is to let you watch me muddle though it. It’s warming up and I should be able to shoot some video in the basement soon. It’s nice and roomy and quiet down there.

  12. ah this old song keeps echoing in response of late to Grace, then with Acey and now you (((Jude)))|
    Don’t question why she needs to be so free
    She’ll tell you it’s the only way to be
    She just can’t be chained
    To a life where nothing’s gained
    And nothing’s lost
    At such a cost

    Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday
    Who could hang a name on you?
    When you change with every new day
    Still, I’m gonna miss you

    “There’s no time to lose,” I heard her say
    Catch your dreams before they slip away
    Dying all the time
    Lose your dreams and
    you will lose your mind
    Ain’t life unkind?
    lines from from Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones from a long time ago

  13. The reason that I am here following along is a feeling of sameness. Being a witness and learning from your creative process to further my own, and to have a companion on the path.
    The truth of being present and in process, and what that looks like.

  14. Glen gerrard

    Good to hear from you. I seem to have built a tall wall between me and my ……creativity. Can’t get over it. Under it. Round it. Stuck. It may fall on me…..

  15. I’m all for less bullshit out there about making, and more about skill and thought and, to borrow your words, “just going”. maybe add this “like hell”. because it’s what we have to do and it’s really what matters. (she said, as she dismounts her soapbox)

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