Whispering White

Whispering White

Whispering White is not a New Class.


Way back in the Winter of 2013, when my Mom fell ill, I hosted a workshop I called What if Diaries. It went on an on for months. During that time I presented several focuses. I focused on color ( which is part of my free offerings) and I also focused on White. Never re-released until now.

The Whispering Series was intended to bring you along on my private ramblings, talking to you while I am talking to myself, this time considering white and how it led me to this and that. A lot of this content was the basis for my Sanity Series.

This series includes 31 lesson posts, enhanced with audio, video and PDFs. Audio and Video are in the YouTube format to be easily accessible to all.
The series has been cleaned up and now available as a work on your own study course, hopefully to inspire you to work with white.
No time limit for access.

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