Seems like a Seam

The curved seam

I often present methods that have become part of my style that may not be the best solution for everyone, but I feel it is important to share simply because they are solutions that have become useful to me.  Curved lines are so much fun to compose with.  I especially love them in contrast to my safety net, the grid.  A Puzzle piece with a curved seam is a handy component.  But I never enjoyed creating a classic curved seam. Since a seam ultimately becomes just a stitched fold, I began to approach curves from a different perspective.

step by step

shaping the puzzle piece, in this case a square

The first 2.  Squared


Leaning into a method

Just talking... AUDIO-Curves



So  today I am working with a 3" square.  I've used the curved patches I have made so far and ironed them around a 3" template.  Just for starters.  Imagine them smaller!  I want to say again, the smaller you work,  the thinner the cloth needs to be to  prevent layer build up in the seam allowances.  I use thin cloth, in genera,l for almost everything.  Because that is mostly what I have collected over time.

Note:  I mentioned Sketch applique ( which I mostly uses for white on white) which can be found in the methods index (sidebar)  under line guided applique.

So I made 5 so far,  I will do 4 more,  9 is a good number to get a feel for how this kind of curve might work.  I have already begun to think about these as "making waves".  There are certainly a lot of stories that might come from that. The curves have already begun to evolve.

loose puzzle pieces in the morning...


  1. I love this method of making curves. I always had no fun in putting sleeves in a garment. It was such a struggle. And therefore never tried making curves in patchwork. Now I can’t wait to start trying, your way.

  2. Martha

    Waves are pretty unless they are tossing you about roughly. I hope your craft is sturdy and your scrapbag is deep. Appreciate hearing from you and I love the waves blocks.

    • jude

      I have always loved riding the waves, my father tossed me in the sea to learn at a young age. It was not uncommon to see the hill family lined up in the curve of a big wave…

  3. debgorr

    As things are, love that. in general I think we try to change to much sometimes. On a technical note. The chart you’ve made is very well done, easy to follow. 🙂

  4. Sharon Koch

    I’ve been thinking about waiting. Most of us don’t like it, but there can be joy in waiting. I feel joy all week as I wait for Wednesday’s lesson. Today I did some stitches I didn’t like, so I waited. I worked on another part of the puzzle ‘n it changed how I saw those stitches. Magic! I’m realizing that I can let go of my current negative perspective on something ‘n choose to take joy in the waiting, knowing that change is coming. Very freeing. And so, we all wait with you, Jude, for your new home… with joy. It’s coming!

  5. The method is handy & dandy, the results make me think of an abstracted version of “Rivers, Roads & Rails” a game we played a lot when the boys were young…maybe it could be”Waves, Wiggles & Whatnots”?

  6. Jen NyBlom

    Fascinating technique, as I always hated trying to ease that curved seam (taking the fun out of stitching! ha) LOVE that “making waves”….sooooo many possibilities with that idea! Fits right in with my cloth right now (mermaid themed) altho I am almost done with this one–so, the NEXT one! Ah Hah! A-Gypsying we’ll go, remember, not homeless, just wandering…and as a wise man said; “Not all who wander are lost” Picturing you wandering with a basket of scraps, with The Man and Soul-O by your side <3 <3 <3 *thank you for sharing so much of yourself, even in the midst of Life's chaos!

  7. Dakotah

    I’ve been stitching together little scraps to make bigger pieces and really enjoying the process so I also appreciate the idea of using things how they are.

  8. Pam S.

    I like that idea of using things just the way they are! I’ll have to try that with my collection of scraps …. thanks Jude💙

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