JAHcard #221124

1- looking

this cloth has become so handy.


the deep pool of thought as a basket

3-thinking while painting

4- impression

the inside of the card.

I numbered this one  as if it was today.  It was a before today but I cannot remember which day.  It is not done, so it may show up here again in modified form, but it has been born.

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  1. Jeri

    It’s always about the process for me and I love finding the unexpected as I go along.

    “Looking”… I see one of your beasts.

  2. My sister did that for a semi-traditional quilt for a teacher. She gave each child a patch of plain cloth to draw/paint something (I think the general topic was family heritage). She alternated them with a print fabric patches. I don’t know if she stitched on them. It was machine quilted. A nice class farewell to their teacher at the end of the year.

    My granddaughter is artistic. I think I may ask her to collaborate with me. So far she has not seemed very interested in stitching, except maybe a little in her “fashion” designing, but she loves to draw. I bet it would be fun for both of us to do something abstract (or not) together. I’ll have to talk to her about it.

  3. Laura

    A full moon alphabet soup. Or a filling soup of alphabet moons. Or…
    A sharing basket of thoughts. Deep thoughts in shallow tide pools lit with moonlight.
    Stories can be illustrated, and illustrations can be storied.

  4. Thought: Loved the Lace Trees in related post. So Temple like.
    Thought: Love the pool painting of alphabet soup…swirling…images and letters freed-up…who says things that are normally linear have to remain so?
    Thought: I have made quilts and such where children have used fabric crayons on muslin first. I then iron it to make it permanent…but had never considered stitching over their marks or adding stitching near or around their marks…interesting idea though!
    Last Thought: I am ever so, deeply grateful for this safe, inspiring, educational space and all who come here…and to you dear Jude. xoxo

    • jude

      yeah the crayon thing, I did a lot of that way back, some of the colors did fade away, but it took years.
      Maybe I could play a game of skitch skatch with the little one.

  5. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Process is so much a part of working with cloth. Going from paper to cloth to paper it seems like process on paper might shift in importance. And stitching drawings reminded me of Jeanne Hewell-Chambers’s beautiful collaboration with her sister-in-law. Opening a new kind of communication.

  6. sharon

    ooooH… ” to create a cloth that a child could actually draw on and you could work from that..” O, yessssss! how fun to collaborate with your grandchild. or other children… to experience that process… the back ‘n forth of it. a journey like no other!

  7. Liz A

    Always I am thankful to find you here … today I saw a beautiful wise old creature in your first image …

    And I’m curious to see where you might go with a cloth that can be drawn upon … Parker drew on cloth with Inktense pencils, then painted the lines with water, making a rather unfortunate puddle … nonetheless I made a patch of it for E’s coverlet … I suspect it has largely washed out … it’s been more successful when I photocopy the grandkids’ drawings and letters, then trace and stitch the lines onto cloth … me being something of a control freak …

    last, your watercolor feels like both a deep pool and a map of the heavens … a place of calm either way

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