Contemporary Boro 2

Considering Clothing and Personal Adornment and how it relates to personal story.


A work on your own class based on a previous workshop.

Contemporary Boro 2. Offered at a special reduced price because some of the content was published on my blog in this last year.
This FREE ENOUGH work on your own class is based on an interactive online workshop held in the spring of 2012. This was a "slow workshop" with time for gathering and research and making. You have permanent access to the materials. Why rush?

The focus of the class is clothing and accessories...personalizing and making/mending useful cloth items, with attention to thrift, recycling, common sense, personal expression, making do and problem solving. I am not a garment making expert. This is a “hands on” work as I go, unscripted, what- iffing out in the open” workshop… just a regular gal trying to make something useful and beautiful from cloth.

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