jude hill spirit cloth

soggy but safe

what a day

Thank you for your caring emails.

Almost 7" of rain in one day.

We are  a bit shaken but ok.

We live on high ground.

Wild times.


  1. Good to hear you are safe. My first thoughts, when I saw the news, was of you, Catherine, and Dee (don’t know who else of ragmates I “know” are in the NE). Good also, to know that your high ground is rocky. Apparently there have been some nasty landslides.

    • jude

      very big rocks. and really the excess water goes right through to the underground river. Where it comes out is really the issue. And that is no where near the house. No standing water up here, even in the garden. Never thought I would see so many back to back thunderstorms.

  2. Mary Ellen Fresquez

    You received in a day what we in Arizona receive in a year! 2023 so far is cooler than normal with recent temps above 110 similar to past years. Still I really dislike summers after 27 years here.

    I’m happy to hear that you are safe.

    You are always an inspiration to me!

    • jude

      There has been this much rain here before but it was with a hurrucane. It is hard to tell what climate is anymore. I guess we are safe until we are not.🙄

  3. Marti

    Offering my thanks that you and the man are safe, soggy perhaps, but safe. Nature has her own way of reminding us that we must be vigilant but sometimes, she comes at us so quickly, that all we can do is hang on and then go on…if anyone can stand and face, pivot and go on it is you and the man…blessings to you both.

  4. Carol Rookstool

    I am so relieved that you are ok! We had flooding a month ago with the unfamiliar roar of a nearby river. It was unnerving to experience so many things at one time – rain, noise, heat. I hope you have a good week ahead as you sort out the effects of the storm.

  5. Vi

    Glad you all are safe and sound.
    Here too, more rain this July since the last 40 years. The city in parts has been water logged….and everyday life still seems to function!
    Take care ..so glad you are on higher land.

  6. Judith

    Happy you are safe and dry. Sounds like the floods we had last winter. Who wold have thought that global warming would include so much water….

  7. Alison Jory

    I can hardly imagine rain like that, the ground has been bone dry here in the South West of the UK. Some rain today but a normal amount although they keep forecasting storms and heavy rainfall. So glad you are okay and know you can get through it.

  8. Pam S.

    Was thinking about you last night after the news reports of expected flooding for New York.
    Glad to hear you didn’t end up on a roof!
    I hate the sounds of the crazy severe thunderstorms we’ve been having this year😬 Earplugs come in handy!
    Stay strong 💙

    • jude

      I don’t mind the thunder and lightning so much, love it actually. And rain, I usually fall asleep to the sound, but this was weird.

  9. Celia Wilson

    Keep safe everyone, so much going on weather wise; we too have had devastating floods here in many areas of New Zealand since the start of the year.

  10. Jen

    Reading your post and everyones’ comments as the rain keeps pouring down here—–
    Glad you are safe!!
    Crazy-ass weather.

  11. Nancy

    Oh man!!! I’ve been thinking of you, as the videos I’ve seen were crazy! I’m so grateful you guys are okay. ❤️
    Out here were dealing with heat and a UV Index of 12…the air quality is off the charts and so is my asthma. My son & DIL could believe the difference in the UV between here and MA! xo

  12. Quite a time it’s been! I don’t think we got quite that much, but a LOT. Everywhere roads are closed, flooded, bridges too dangerous to drive over. Intense. Sorry you were shaken. The sound of torrential rain ALL NIGHT LONG was just too intense!

  13. My nightmare. We had 11″ once and literally waded out of our apartment. I have never seen pending storms without some trepidation ever since. We’ve just gone through a derecho event here – imagine a 20 minute hurricane barreling through, 70-90mph winds. Then more storms. Five days without power, internet or cell service followed. New nightmare…
    Glad you are on high ground (oddly enough that is literally the name of this city – Terre Haute – but hasn’t seemed to keep us from some major flooding.)

  14. Deb VZ

    I don’t know if my path crosses less often with climate change deniers or if its just getting harder to deny – but I’m glad that on top of the stress of living with the increasingly volatile conditions, I don’t have to deal with folks saying its nothing new…just a weather cycle.
    So glad you are safe Jude.

  15. Susan Crowley

    Hi Jude. I saw the news and was thinking about you. Happy to hear you and your family are safe. Crazy times.

  16. Nancy D

    Jude! I am horrified at the deluge you describe!! Every day I feel and experience serous changes taking place, from the diminished insect populations, dramatic swings in the weather, and for us, this suffocating heat dome that will not release its hold on us. I am a very positive person, but there is no denying that the effects of Global Warming are just getting started. So relieved you are safe.

  17. deanna7trees

    Glad to hear all is well. Would be nice if the powers that be would evenly distribute the rain but we must take it as it comes.

  18. Liz A

    Every year when my FEMA flood insurance comes up for renewal I wonder if having it is overly pessimistic as we are not in a specified flood zone … and then I renew it anyway

  19. Barbara Inskeep

    OMG. Glad you are high and dry!
    That is an insane amt. we are very wet too and some roads are flooded but not 7”!

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