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Just Softly Going

A small story cloth In between busy moments.  I let it go quietly in the shop.  I think more about quietly. Almost as much as I think about Kindness.

This one, called Path, aka as Kindness is Larger than Wisdom.  And now just reflecting on Wisdom vs Kindness, how one might be a form of judgement and the other need not be.

Maybe Kindness overcomes judgement.  When it is done quietly.


I love this image, how it addresses self in terms of appearing and disappearing. The magic of time.

This, a surprising moment, I think because of my current thoughts about framing, which I have not put here yet.  I am caught in the challenge of simplifying.  Facing the complexity that was created here while posting privately in the Forever Zone.  And I laugh and just say, forget it, what's done is done.  Just go.  The little cutout below created the frame here.   It (a stray self)  disappeared from the page so I could see it differently.  A frame is like a new eye.  New eyes make the day new.

I like it small, maybe I can shrink it into a dot.


Self is a frame, giving context to the world it sees.

Context is a reframing.

I could talk but I don't have time.

Or should I say there is no time?

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  1. The layers of appearing and disappearing are amazing, and makes me think of “Where the Wild Things Are”… how in the first pages the jungle grows to take over the bedroom, blurring the line between real and imagined. How to create a new reality.

  2. Wendy

    Time seems to ebb and flow like the waves upon the sea for me. At times it is moving and lipping by so fast and then suddenly it slows to a moderate pace never standing still when I need it to.

  3. Nancy

    I’ve been practicing reframing a lot lately. It makes a difference.
    Also, I’ve been noticing so much more of a willingness to let things go…it’s okay. We don’t have to do all, know all, remember all…we just don’t. xo

  4. I think a lot about how we are always (hopefully) absorbing information. Sometimes it’s okay that it can’t be revisited. Lots of things can’t be.

    Time is one of the most complicated concepts that I can think of. 🙂 Currently listening to Einstein’s Dreams. Lots of interesting ideas about time.

  5. I’m playing around with mental reframing lately. What I think about a situation can change. And change again. Your example of a cutout framing on cloth makes it real.

  6. Nancy D

    I could say, “Make time,” but you can’t really make time unless you frame a moment of time into an intention. Like your lovely stitching. So I guess I should take time to make time!

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