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ragged building

Just this.  Log Cabin method.  Ragged edge indigo. One edge lapped over another. No foundation.  Moon in the middle.  Stitched with indigo thread. If I keep going, I wonder how many moons it will take to make a blanket?

The time it takes.

one side

these indigo scraps are fabrics I engineered while working for a textile company.  That was a fun time and I learned a lot.

the other side

looks fine on this side now that we are all used to the boro craze.

Each kind of seam leads to a different form. I am not sure if I need to like one more than another. I want to make a blanket, maybe  it will just be a cobblecloth based on this pattern.

I did look at this and ask myself what if (?)I weave a log cabin.

Bit then it turned into What if I take a walk?

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  1. Joyce L

    love the ragged edge… I do love ragged edge appliqué so I will be trying this for sure! And it should work well with narrow strips I haven’t been able to get rid of. I knew there would be a use for them!

  2. Dhyana

    Oh goodie – I’ll try a ragged one today. Also wondering about doing a whole blanket of these .. I’m off to a great start.

  3. sharon

    personally, i hope you weave a log cabin after you get back from your walk… think i’ll give it a go, but would love to see your interpretation!

  4. Diane Kinsley

    Huh, I have been making crazy log cabins out of denim for the last couple years and making bags. I have also been making cobblecloth from tiny denim scraps, I carry them with me while I walk endlessly with my grandson (which I absolutely love) Now I have a name for them.

  5. Jen

    Ooooo, the possibilities!
    I started my first cabin block yesterday, didn’t get very far as the garden was calling, “YOOOHOOoo it’s Spring!!” 🌱🌸
    Blossoms are popping, birds are singing, (we have a bluebird checking out the new house hubby built! 💙🐦)
    Everything is sprouting and turning green….
    So, I’m thinking in that direction with my block… Spring—
    But OOOoooo, I love the ragged edge!! 💙🌕
    I can’t keep up with all your fabulous “what ifs”, Jude!!! 😅🤩😆

  6. dewey a cabe

    weaving a log cabin sounds like a spectacular undertaking. I cant image how complicated the draft would need to be. happy tuesday

  7. Jana

    “What if I take a walk?” What will you see…
    I worked for Levi Strauss in San Francisco years ago and learned a bit about denim there. I love the log cabin. Its simplicity has a lot of appeal to my sewing fingers.

    • jude

      fray is really lovely to play with. these indigo fabrics we engineered to fray with fade, way back when I designed cloth for the textile industry. I did a lot of tearing yesterday, some washing today.

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