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ONE cold and dreary day



somewhere in between to make things less cute

these waves keep showing up


Keeper of the Sun Basket

Yesterday, simply asking myself a lot of questions. Today trying to answer them.  But I think answers don't apply for very long really.  Things are always changing. And I, we, are only human and answers, there aren't any really.  Questions are prompts for considering, and answers , well what if they are just coffee breaks ?new entry in the Forever Zone, finally!

note to self

Just Sweeping. This morning I asked myself, " ...did you have a good sweep?"

And what will my future be?  What comes next.


  1. carroleb

    I relate to whimsy..thinking on it there is a sweetness in whimsy for me, an innocence,a knowingness with trust and
    Something about an assumption of kindness in the world.

    Your thoughts always provoke a response.

    Thinking on your idea of each technique conjuring it’s own images: My man has ordered a tiny press for me as a gift, and the drawings I’m pondering for it are quite different.

  2. The last few days I’ve been mulling over the very same thing — questions and answers. Your thoughts are so wise, Jude! My I quote them in a future blog? If so, what address should I use for your website?
    Thank you so much for both your images & your words!

  3. Whimsy is for me a point of view or a way of thinking. The gloom and doom sayers might call it escape, but I have never understood why some people choose to be negative and unhappy and the say that is reality, while positive and happy is not real.

  4. sharon

    cool to think about the future simply as “what comes next”, one minute at a time. how what we think or do each moment impacts the next one…

  5. Jana

    This character seems different from most somehow. Maybe it’s the eyes. Love the three pink antenna/hairs at the tippy top. Reminds me of someone who would show up in the book The Little Prince. Magical.

  6. Laura

    My aunt, the weaver, used the word whimsy. As a child, I thought it meant something silly (but not unintelligent) in art or thought, as with a sense of humor. She was a serious woman with a great sense of humor. I will always love and understand whimsy based on my memories of her. I think that is why I am so fond of you and your blog, and seriously LOVE your work/play. You are whimsy personified.

  7. Judy

    Oh my…I wanted to respond yesterday, so much change and unpredictability. Whatever happens Jude, it’s been a privilege to have had access to your teachings and musings. I’ll be here as long as you are able to be. One of my children lives in Ukraine, his partner will not leave because her son cannot so my son is there too, without power with the most recent bombings. One can only hope.

  8. Pam S.

    I wish I got enough sleep to dream! It doesn’t seem to happen anymore…. more time for stitching though and coffee sounds good right now!

    • jude

      well i am not much for holy but play and spirit, yes! And joy must always be present. For me anyway. The lightness as a component might take many forms.

  9. Patricia R Jacobs

    Love these embroideries! I wanted to reply to yesterday’s post. Your woven wrap was fabulous… I just rolled back and forth over it! As far as I could figure, you added the color block in a kind of tapestry technique? The brown weft tied it all together, going from edge to edge. Very clever!

  10. Barbara Inskeep

    “Answers don’t apply for very long”…..wellJude, that really spoke to me today in so many ways. Letting go..light touch, move on.. You are a wise woman..So grateful to have connected with you.❤️🙏🏽

  11. Thinking is too much work these days, so I try to avoid it. I do daydream myself to Middle Earth a lot.
    Answers can be relative to the story and not always relative to everything else. Not that I’m trying to overthink this.

  12. I think whimsy is essential, a spirit of playfulness. Dreaming is serious stuff…the brain at work, processing. For most of my life I rarely remembered my dreams and now every night I am aware at least for awhile that I am dreaming, would remember them if I wrote them down.

    • jude

      I am beginning to remember them lately. They appear in bits and pieces during the day. And they are so strange. Play is so hard to define…

  13. whimsy…Playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor…
    I see it as a lightening, as in lifting the spirit…a necessary part of my day! It can (or could) be a big part of the creative process…I see whimsy as a moving toward something needed, as opposed to escape from something onerous.

    • jude

      It is linked to joy for me, but often I am pressued to feel guilty about that. I don’t really but there has always been pressure that comes from I don’t know where, to replace the whimsy with something more intellectual, so I am often interrupted from letting those lighter forms develop. They are a path.

  14. Caro

    I mostly dont have the need to figure it all out anymore. What a relief!
    Its good when it happens by way of just allowing thought to travel through me, without question, mostly without answer, whichbis fine.. and a coffee break is always a thought and consideration with an outcome 😉
    I am thankful for a bit more space in my head. More space to just appreciate

  15. Nancy

    Whimsy seems like a safe enough escape, sometimes we really need that…an escape, so best to do that in a safe, charming and artful way.
    Love how the expression on the face changes from one pic to the next.

  16. Jen

    Personally, I like whimsy, I like Dreams, and I like escaping while I sweep… Reality is fluid, as is time and Existence…I am a little tired of trying to “figure it all out”…because just as I think I’ve got a handle on “IT”…. circumstance, or my mood(!!) changes

    It’s chilly and grey here today and if it doesn’t rain, we & the kids (who are grown) will go get Christmas trees! 🤩🎄
    ( The earliest EVER! But, hey, life is short)

  17. Sarita

    What isn’t an escape?
    Is whimsy an emotion?
    We escaped the band of snow dumped between Buffalo & Watertown! 🥳
    The Sun shines bright on us here today though windy & cold. The windy enlivens the chimes.
    Delighted by your celestial creation today! Joyful

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