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A is the place I begin again.

I have my first school papers somewhere.  I don't know where.

I kept the penmanship ones,  Practicing letters.  Alphabet.  Now just knowing that I kept them or meant to keep them seems like enough.  I can close my eyes and picture them quite clearly.  A lot of things are becoming like that.  And then somethings seem to just fade away.

About to begin again

This is Alphabet Soup, the quilt I would like to finish before the end of the year because a baby is coming.  A is for that and it is already in the Glossary under A and will be the source of more stories as I go.

I made a list of the words I used for categories on my other blog,  just to review them. To remember to include them.

So today, A is for Alphabet Soup,  a revival  of that cloth started so long ago.  I think an alphabet quilt is a great project really.  There are so many words that might seem important to document.  Words you might want to explain in your own terms.  What if they are even words you made up?  This quilt was machine pieced, very unusual for me.  I think on my journey I might make another, this time using applique.  because  soon  A will be for Applique and I need to revisit that as well.  That is a very big subject.

I am going to try to get all the basic words/glossary terms from the old blog added today (or not, maybe they are not useful anymore)  to set the basic framework.  Not every post will be a glossary post and my alphabet may not always follow the accepted order.  The journey is, most often, not a straight line.




A  today is also for Allergies and Arthritis, no need to explain, except both have been a pain in the Ass.


  1. A is for “Articulate”…as in how can I possibly articulate my complete and utter joy at sitting here smelling the rain, while listening to it and the Owls as well!!! The owls are doing a call & response! Full moon hidden behind the glorious rainclouds!
    That’s my A+ Friday Night Glee!

  2. Gayle Visher

    Thank you for being and sharing. So many times I close your posts with a smile, chuckle or sense of delight. So authentic you are an inspiration to others to be equally so. Just a little reminder of how much you enrich so many lives.

  3. (((Jude))) your Alphabet Quilt takes me back to 2011 when I first joined your circle of Ragmates!.I had just finished stitching the bindings for the limited edition of ‘An illuminated Book of Cats ‘an abcediary with words by Rod inspired by Ariel the Abyssinian cat of my dreams!

  4. Oh goody goody, Applique. You are my applique inspiration. I want to add applique as a ‘go to’ method; to use it regularly. There it is.. another inspiration from YOU. I can make small components using applique, and learn that way !


  5. am still thinking about the Newsletter…. and got somewhere with
    those thoughts this morning,
    got to: As Is. a term i have always loved. often thinking i wanted
    to change my name…like legally…to
    As Is

    Audio is GOOOOD.

    • Grace~ Love this! As a child, my cousin had a dog follow him home…as he and my Auntie begged my Uncle to let them keep it, my aunt kept saying it’s so cute! It’s so…Itso! An amazing Border Collie that lived with them for many, many years, even winning the heart of my uncle (who was so afraid of dogs at the time). Itso…oh, how I loved that dog!

  6. Nancy D

    Allergies everywhere! Here, ragweed (not to be confused with ragmates!) is quite bad, though not as much as a few years ago.
    I walk at least four times a week and on the off days do yoga stretches. VERY good for the body, especially since as we age we stiffen!
    The “word” is caught in a gyre…history repeating itself, but in a new way.

  7. Kat Scott

    Understand the need to keep moving so that the parts will still move! You could even record as you are walking about.
    Thank you for all you have given us of your self, your knowledge and this space to be.

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