jude hill spirit cloth

Into September

How dry is it?

Question is, how much drier can it become?

Simply, no rain.  All around us but none here. Seems like September has already finished.  Leave falling.  Without turning color.  We are here, I finished up the fading Indigo vat,  Pulled a lot of the vegetable plants that really looked like they had had it.  Trying to water with the sprinkler mid-day caused a huge mold problem and well, I learned and will take a different approach next year.

I will leave the rest for the squirrels and chipmunks and birds,  they are very thirsty.  I saw a blue jay sucking the juice out of a cucumber this morning.

I was sort of online now and then, for a week, but now I will be offline for a couple of weeks.  I will check my emails every few days if you need to contact me. My brother will be there to handle the shop for me.

I leave you, for a little while longer,  with  a small cloth.
Celebrating how simple life can be.
I love how the rings around the moon seem to be transforming into an eye.
I love how the patterns in the bottom scrap mimic fringe.
I love how much I enjoy these simple stories.