jude hill spirit cloth

a wall of stories

It simply has to be time for simpler.

I'm going to finish these, let them go

Maybe because I have run out of wall space.  Maybe because I am wondering what it is all for?

these are small,  lighter. they float.

Still.  Even in the fullest of days, more. Sunflowers. I want to say more about sunflowers, but it is still awfully hot and humid.  Summer Bitch has even given up.  Just wants to nap.

Did not cool down last night.  There seems to be no air this morning.  At least not the breathable kind.  Imagine that I say to myself, what would we do?

Still it seems different.  A season turning.  Change is refreshing, no matter what it is,  even the thought of it.  To me anyway.  Maybe because I used to fear it.   And now I don't.

Oh, a breeze...


  1. Wendy

    I love your sunflowers, they tell a story within a story. For me sunflowers are full of seeds for just going or not. Seeds of creative ideas and thoughts. Each seed has a story or thought to tell or not, depending on the season you find yourself in. It’s really hot and humid here as well and makes even the garden spiders lethargic.

  2. Judy

    Purging, yes. It’s a bit sad, the projects that didn’t get done or even started. I was going to recane those chairs, refinish and rewire that interesting lamp I picked up while walking the dog one garbage night. I now give away or donate, books on the sidewalk on a sunny day, labelled packages of yarn…they always go and that makes me happy. And I too have a fabric wall too. Looking at it calms me in this oppressive heat as I ponder what’s gone wrong in the world.

  3. Lynn

    Recently saw a pic of an old man looking very happy – he and a friend were sitting in verandah shade, and they had trousers rolled up; both had their bare feet in a large bucket of cold water, with ear-to-ear smiles! You can roll up a small wet towel and leave it in the freezer for some time. Take it out and put it round your neck. And you can run your wrists under cold water and that has a good cooling effect too. Here in Oz it’s 14 degrees centigrade – brrrrr – on with the convection heater! Best to everyone.

  4. Cooler here today, felt so good but it’s supposed to get hotter. Muggy when there isn’t a breeze. I probably wonder what for too much. Sometimes I think making is (can be) adding value to scraps, to things that might not be used. The sunflowers make me smile.

  5. You have reminded me how one unusually hot summer almost 50 years ago, a friend and I sat talking with our bare legs on the cold kitchen floor drinking iced water just for some relief from the heat. Thank you.

  6. Judith

    When the wall is full it’s time to make a ScrapBook. And fill the wall again.
    It cooled to 60 last night. I finally slept well.

  7. ~ I have 2 small boxes of stories. When I “finish” a cloth/thread something, I put it into an acid free box in the closet. I have other small components too. When I started this cloth journey thing I didn’t want to think twice.. just wanted to go and go with whatever appeared, not thinking too much.. just starting and going .. so today, after reading your post, I have given myself the challenge of installing a big white sheet on the wall to take a look at all the random stuff I did. I’m getting curious now ! What will I find ? ?

  8. deemallon

    It’s a drag this season of heat. Regarding collections of work, I too wonder what it’s all for quite a bit lately.

  9. I’m absolutely tired of the heat. I want to live in a cave.

    I frequently pin my cloths in progress to a heavy curtain on the double doors to the house, but I might roll them up on a dowel like the maps were in school and keep them rolled up when I need visual quiet.

  10. sharon

    grateful for the not knowing. just sensing. just going. constant change.
    how a sun becomes a sunflower. continuing to consider children’s art…

  11. Katryn

    « I think Autumn communicates her invisible approach to those who love her wholeheartedly. » I love the way you said that Jana.
    Here in Kansas I have noticed her paint a few trees with faint touches of red and orange; just as if the trees had dipped their leaves in dye…

  12. Jen

    Went to the beach yesterday morning, and watched storms roll in and had to leave. Came home to a broken a/c
    ” Happy anniversary to us”
    Waiting on repair person today.

  13. Nancy D

    For me, I am approaching purging little by little. Cleaning out closets, donating, giving to friends. Today I will be taking an antique yarn swift, a pair of wool carders, and two stones that I felted (they make colorful paper weights!) up to a yarn shop and ask them if they would like them to keep or give away. I am no longer into creating to keep. Just creating.

  14. jeri

    Your opening line is my new way of life. Why constantly strive for more, bigger and better? Maybe it’s our age, I’m sure that’s it.
    Just enjoy what we have and keep less, do less. Wish I would have learned that lesson when I was younger!
    OK it is hot as hell here too!

    I’m starting to unpack a bit and out of one of our pods appeared a design wall I fashioned years ago. It’s just 2 big insulation boards covered in plain cloth. I’m SO glad I kept them! They can lean up against anything, anywhere! I’m going to pin moms blocks on them, maybe take a photo and post on IG for you to see my progress.

  15. Jana

    Simplify. Distill. What does the heart love and long to make?

    The floating suns … four sisters lined up to display their glowing selves!

    I think Autumn communicates her invisible approach to those who love her wholeheartedly.

    • jude

      It rained, not much, but air is soup right now and an explosion of flies. 80s overnight, yuck. Tomorrow, I think, cooler.

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