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Being in May


I am going to clear off the porch,  and then I am going to plant asparagus and some grape vines.



  1. Once I’ve made a bed using the still-good joists from the old deck, I’m planting asparagus and strawberries. We’re still trying to figure out the best place to plant grapes. (I sometimes envy you not being in a city lot. And having woods.)

  2. Helen Lee

    One of the places we used to farm sit had grapes…soon good…and an asparagus bed. We were often there at the right time and it put us off shop bought forever!
    I used to put the steamer on the hob, go out to harvest some spears, then straight into the steamer and served with butter. It’s really something. Have a lovely evening.

  3. Marti

    In our other rental in New Mexico, we had grapevines that gave us well over 50 lbs of grapes each year. R made wine from these grapes but the less said about that the better although it was great on salads…1 What we loved to do was make raisins, drying the grapes on window screens propped up on bricks, laboriously pulling off each twiggy stem…some of our best conversations came over the table sorting our raisins.

    To our surprise when we moved to this rental, 17 miles away, a previous tenant had planted a little grapevine that is trailing green leaves and tendrils all over the wired structure that was built. A clump of tiny grapes was all that we harvested last year but whether we get any grapes or not this year, just seeing the sprawling green leaves, the curly tendrils is enough to bring joy…

  4. Jen

    Hurray for asparagus, grape vines and porches!
    Today I am going to take DEEP BREATHS & plant flowers and stake my tomatoes, and take a tiny “cowboy” quilt and pillow I made to a 4 yr old who requested it for his Woody doll ( from Toy Story)…so darn cute! Life is still hopeful 🥰
    Have a HAPPY day, Jude! 💚

  5. Both very good additions to the garden. I need to get more lettuce planted and a few other things. Needs to wait until tomorrow though.

    • jude

      Yeah, got some wild grapes already. And first time for asparagus. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Warming up here suddenly.

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