jude hill spirit cloth

What if Wednesday

She fell down in the rain.

Face down in the dirt.  I picked her up, washed her off and let her continue.

such a good addition to the planting here. Such resilience.

it says peace

A new addition to the garden.  Moved from the porch.  I am going to put some solar lights in there at night.  Mullein is lifting off.  Lavendar is refreshing.  I have just started some sage seeds.  it is still cold but not too cold.

this deep pool of thought has become a great looking tool

Just Floating  in a Deep Pool of Thought  today. I renamed this small cloth...

Just a Feeling.      New post in the Zone today

Thank you for all your kind comments on yesterday's  cloudburst.  What if I just needed to let go of it?



      • without wanting to sound too flaky, it’s like they say: ask the universe what you need and you shall receive

        i ‘m beginning to feel that we have lost the art of real conversation these days and are ‘sending’ instead of listening as well….

        as always LOVE YOU

  1. Barbara

    Jude, Thank you for sharing yesterday. I have had the same feelings and sometimes those feelings are hard to shake off. I like todays ‘Deep Pool of Thoughts ‘ ; it reminds me of the nursery rhyme ‘ Three men in a Tub’ . Keep up the wonderful work.

    • jude

      we are all just people really, and the other stuff is just what it is. Sometimes I think some of us forget what is driving us astray. but it is no use to explain, reality surfaces in time.

  2. Jen

    When I read:
    “She fell down in the rain.
    Face down in the dirt.
    I picked her up, washed her off, let her continue.”

    Such a great metaphor/description for yesterday’s feelings/blog, eh?!

  3. Jen

    It’s always such a load off!
    Helps to let it out and move forward; just going
    We’re all happy to help you carry the load

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