jude hill spirit cloth

Just Here

This old 80's house is so funny I am starting to love it.   Love takes time.

All I can say is I am here and it's cold and it is ok.

Consider this part of the real series. Crooked and all.

Just to be here, that is all.

Thanks for enjoying  the cat rabbit thing yesterday.

That's one of my loose patch catchers on the wall. More about that later.


  1. jeri

    Good morning! We’re at our campground now and our only source of fire is outside, our fire pit. Love sitting around that thing on a chilly day or night.
    That patch catcher sure looks interesting. Is that a double layer of patches or did you shibori dye the larger cloth?
    I have not been able to stitch the last few days due to the temporary move and I can’t wait to get things settled so I can get back to it. Finding the right spot….. that will be a challenge.

    • jude

      it is a dyed base, more to say about that…
      take it slow, I sure have been doing that. Some how finding the spot is like building a nest, bit by bit.

  2. ours is an 80ies house too although many mistake it for a lot older, I think the porch we added gives it that vibe; your fire looks inviting….no need here as the sun has come out spreading spring-warmth, the perfect kind

    • jude

      a very seesaw april here. porch, porch adds so much. it’s the split level here that gives it it’s character. learning to use it in someway helps me understand it.

  3. “this old 80s house” … and I am remembering the brand new 80s house we bought in 1988, which had a black fireplace inset in angled wood paneling … and yes, it had a blower … I loved that house … just googled the address and looked at MLS pictures from 2019, still looking much the same

  4. Mary Park

    Give me something old over something new any day, something about its character, wondering what’s uts been through, I lived in a house that was 150 years old, loved it, yea it was cold in the winter but you improvise, keeps you active, mind and body, The fire looks so warm and welcoming

  5. CJ

    That wave and smile…. I’m smiling now, ear to ear. Beautiful setting as I crank up the ice conditioning to cut the humidity so I can sleep under my favorite bedding. Good night sweet one!

  6. sharon

    love all your videos. love. they get replayed. alot. my absolute dream-come-true would be a sloooooow walking tour of your home ‘n garden. as is. just there. with close-ups. and soul-o. your mumbling to self. a bit of the man’s music. a day in the life. at least an hour long. HA! “…you may say that i’m a dreamer… but i’m not the only one…” just sayin’. x

  7. Jen

    Hi, Jude!!! Waving to you! Love your spot and nothing like a cheerful fire to keep the heart & stitching fingers warm!
    ( Isn’t the weather crazy!? Bad storms here last night, and now it’s cool again…weird for us in April. Ha.
    Love the loose patch holder…

  8. Alison Jory

    So lovely to see you Jude, interesting, the difference between ‘falling in love’ and learning to love through relationship – whether a person or a house.

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