jude hill spirit cloth


I didn't know chard came in so many colors.  Orange chard, so far.  Looks big from this angle but about 3" tall.  And nothing ate it yet... A small freeze coming tomorrow night, I will cover it.

a great escape

I keep the scraps of silk fringe leftovers in a jar.  One is calling for attention.

One thing over another on the wall this morning.  A game I play.


  1. J’aime beaucoup tes ouvrages aux mille planètes 😉 et pourtant si géométriques qui racontent plusieurs histoires comme les tissus variés que tu utilises <3 Merci de nous laisser voir

  2. jeri

    I love chard and would like to plant some this year. I will have to purchase plants this time…. because… The move has happened! And we are at our Beach campground house! Oh happy day! I’m exhausted but so glad to be here. Now to find a suitable house and have a real garden again, I miss it.
    I like kale and zucchini and and and… I’m using a huge horse type trough for now, just wish I had more sun for it and more room.

  3. I have some baby Swiss chard to put out in the garden today but just bought some at the farmer’s market too. I have started harvesting a few things…asparagus and rhubarb. Love the expanding circles.

  4. sharon

    the silk fringe making its great escape made me laugh. love how the scraps in the jar appear to be under water. the way curved glass expands and reflects is so beautiful.

  5. Gwen

    I an so jealous!! We had a blizzard go through the last few days and all we have is snow again. enjoy your harvest and Happy Easter! The Easter bunny has a really nice pair of snowshoes for his/her route!

  6. when covid broke out two years ago (!) and we went into our first lockdown I sowed several veggie-seeds, just to be on the safe side and one type was Swiss chard; first time I tried growing it, and not being a very successful gardener, I was amazed and gratified by the result: I have never seen such a fast growing, resilient plant, and it just kept on going all through Winter and the frosts……..I realise it has disappeared from the bed now that you have reminded me…….I should go for it once more

  7. Marti

    Rainbow chard is one of my most favorite things to grow in the garden; it is hardy and in New Mexico, it survived snow, etc. The yellow, red, orange and white stalks are lovely.. I like to gather some and put them in a jar with water for a table decoration. My guests always laugh when I take the decoration, chop it up, saute it in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes and present it to them as a side dish. At other times, I sprinkle raisins and chopped walnuts over the sauteed chard; This is a favorite of my grand kids.

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