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A Tree Formed in Putnam Valley

A Tree could be a good symbol for Peace

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, by Betty Smith. book

Feed the Hungry

How they keep going...

The storm?  Not.  It's not a storm without wind, for me.  Although it promised a dump of snow. Close to a foot, we got a mix of sleet and rain with a bit of snow topping,  Maybe 3".  Basically solid ice as dawn broke.  The kind of thing that is sort of pretty but there will be no walking, shoveling or anything else.  Couldn't fill the feeders so just tossed the seed out the window. It's a bit like a bird skating rink.

Just yesterday,  it seemed like spring and I was inspired to work on this tree.  I did a bit of cloth weaving, and added a patch of silk, and I stopped because I really want to talk about the base making first.  And there are so many cloth stories here.  And again I remind myself to slow down.

It's cold.  Maybe a bit warmer in a day or 2.  But then cold again. SeeSaw.

It is an indoor day here.  yesterday there was wood stacking.  I really need to spend some time reorganizing, making space to film, talk and continue.  Winter creates such clutter.  The real simply a mess kind.

To the ZONERS... I will kick off  the Forever Zone with a bit of thought catching  (now an ongoing audio series)  on  Wednesday, March 2nd, with the New Moon. And I will just begin where I am.  Continue.

Nine for Peace

How many times...?

Nine, for Peace.  Again.  How many times will I need this? Not a new cloth.  Gathered as a nesting place, suddenly like a basket.  A wishing 9?  No. Today I thought, Nine for Piece.  Piece on Earth. Build it. peace

And here comes my neighbor.  With his plow.  Waving. "Hey!  What happened to spring? "

We don't agree on everything,  but somehow we know how to get by,  by getting along.  I just heard his wife is a quilter...


  1. “… Margery Daw … Jack shall have a new master … ”

    and I am trying to recall the rest … did we skip rope to it? …

    my dad was born and raised in Brooklyn, but I’ve never read the book … just put a hold on it and I’m thinking it will be might be much like his early life growing up on a cemetery where his dad was the superintendent

    • jude

      My son has a place in Brooklyn, still, even though he has a house upstate. I have only spent time there since he got his apt. But I recognize street names from mom’s stories. It’s become such a different place even in the last few years. I am just curious.

      • My half-sister lives in South Brooklyn.
        I too remember the title, but have never read the book. The other one that I read the title on the shelf and never read was The Idiot 🙂

  2. Judy

    My son is safely out of Ukraine. But his heart is there. So sad. Humans and the things they do. So yesterday while I worried I stitched and today I stitch as I think of those who will suffer there.

  3. deemallon

    I didn’t read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn until last year and I think I fell prey to the thing not living up to the hype. The book is on so many top 100 novel lists and is beloved by so many and I just sort of shrugged. Or worse even, I think I wasn’t quite buying the poor girl who reads ten books a week to lift herself out of her bad circumstance idea. Maybe I would have loved it as a teenager. I think probably.

  4. jeri

    Oh! I have that book, I remember it being very good, but can’t remember it exactly either. As I was packing, I had decided to keep it and so it’s now in a box. I was born and raised in Brooklyn so it has special meaning. I think I will look for the movie, might be fun to watch.

    The weather never does what the weatherman says it’s going to. We got mostly rain instead of the snow which turned to ice but now it’s all melting away as the sun just came out.

  5. Dale Odberg

    Your story on A Tree Grows in Brooklyn gave me the gift of melancholy, a dear friend. I have read only reviews of that book and nice to hear a voice on it.
    Thank you.

  6. Cj

    Birds skating!🤗 Explored the book and see it became a movie as well. A story I’m curious about now and will likely find relation with my family history. I’m growing a tree or a path. Unsure. Maybe when the moon comes. Peace. 😘☮️🇺🇦

  7. Jana

    Encouraging words feel empty today. Nine for Peace is something I can see and hold in my heart. Thanks. May the needle, thread, and cloth feed you today.

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