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Thought Catching: Personal Order might not be a Map

Thought Catching continued.


Notes to self while nursing a more than just a bad kneeI continue with the game of chasing form. Form contains how it happened.  I usually say.  Form still contains how it happened even if I don't say.

Again I am chasing form.

I want to express how personal that is.  Finding that thread. Giving form to what arises through thoughtSense.  Experience.  The transformation that depends on so much that goes beyond technique.  It is difficult to share, and then, explain that at the same time.  Sometimes when I see the "sameness"  across the web, how idea becomes trend, art becomes cult,  unique becomes common... I feel I might be part of blocking the true expression in others simply by being "liked".  And then imitated.  As a teacher, is it really flattery? Or is it failure? Or, could we consider it a hopeful transition?

Of course, if it is part of a plan, we might call it marketing.  I get that. I watch that. I have considered that.  I'm not really good at that. I fall back into questions.

But as a teacher...can I teach chasing form?  The freedom in that? Does anyone care?





  1. Deb VZ

    I think your work resonated so strongly with me because it was somewhat similar to work I was already doing – using scraps, torn edges, including characters (in my case fish). I’ve borrowed some of your techniques, like the glue stitch and the using a base cloth to help with stitching, but my take aways are more about process than actual technique. That its ok to just start and let the piece take you where it will, that you can put a piece away for a long period and pick it up again. That “finished” work may never truly be finished – it can be taken apart, or altered or added to another piece. That there is no “right” or “wrong” way to make. And probably the biggest gift is looking closely at your pieces reveals that they are truly handstitched…that so let’s me off the hook of trying to make every stitch perfect. I think a really good teacher is someone who inspires you to find your own path…and that is you Jude.

    • debgorr

      And… I think I push myself harder or maybe sometimes in different directions when I become afraid I’ve made something too similar or if I like something lot.

  2. i think you do what you love. sometimes it’s chasing form, always it’s wondering. We can see
    these things happening for you and then what each does with that is entirely their own response…

  3. Jen NyBlom

    I care.
    I find your words, your cloth, your teaching to be a center of calm in my world.
    I try to learn the techniques you share, but not to “copy” ( altho they say “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”—hah.)
    I never was very good about worksheets and coloring in between the lines.
    I’m not a “joiner”
    (this is actually the ONLY teaching and/or group I’ve ever joined/followed!!!)

    <<>> ha

  4. Heather T

    It feels to me like a good deal of what makes your work deep for me I s your processes and how early in the chain of creation chain you start. Do you feel like there are people imitating your work too closely? In the years I have been following you, every time I see a picture of a piece that I think looks like you, it has always been yours (whether the source credited you or not). I am always honored to hear your words, and grateful for all you share.

  5. cednie

    You are a wonderful teacher for me, Jude. My thoughts and heart respond strongly to your work, resulting in “likes” and “loves.” I wish I could copy you, but that doesn’t work. Maybe I’m too old to even consider it! But on another level, what you offer me is example, especially of how you think and weave your work and self and life together. And struggle to express and share. Really valuable to me!

  6. Catherine

    I care Jude, I love to read your words. It is the words I long for! They move me, they make me reflect, they touch me. Your teaching and sharing images and techniques inspires me to find myself.
    Cyberspace indeed is full of imitators and scavengers, but then they graze only the surface and it shows to those who look carefully.

  7. Sarita A

    Chasing Form! I love that! We are all transmutable. You guide the way. You are a brave & trusting teacher.
    Some persons may copy not trusting their own creativity or growth & remain stagnate. Some are transmuted by the lessons. We all ought to care about our potential growth & our evolving spirits.

    • As the art so the artist:
      verb (used with or without object), trans·mut·ed, trans·mut·ing.
      to change from one nature, substance, form, or condition into another; transform.

  8. oh, sometimes I think it’s all futile, and then I think we each need to do, I need to do, my work. whatever that is, sometimes teaching. and not just sit around and mope. unless that’s the work…

  9. Yes, also caring deeply. Ideally teaching leads to go forth with what you have learned and express Yourself. But the cyber world has gotten too big, too easy, and exploiters abound. And yet I am so grateful for the ability to listen to you think and watch you work. It’s had a profound effect on me way beyond the cloth and stitch.

  10. Becky McQueen

    I find comfort and hope in the way you use words to describe your process. The urge to imitate is always there, for me, but what feels right is to let your words sink in and sit with that feeling.

  11. snicklefritzin43

    Jude, I value deeply the words you share, the process conversations the sketches and photos. Your teaching always encourages me to look deeply at what I am wanting to make to find the parts that I can construct easily in fiber and then to search for possible new ways to work. Everything I learn from you pushes the creator in me to dig deeper and expand my personal art horizons. Your teaching is for me the very best kind.

    • Kathy Conway

      “The joy of learning fills our soul” brought tears to my eyes . You touched my soul with that message . Jude, your teaching does fill my soul. I’ve only just begun to learn. Training wheels still on for me!

  12. Caro

    My comment from yesterday does not show….. something about the green surprise on the back of the cloth. Love that green!

  13. Yes–we are still here–although I have to admit–I had to look in my password book to find my password. We value what you have to say–and fit it to ourselves. Many thanks

    • jude

      well I had to remove the password, because commenting stopped working… just trying to set it up … thanks for being here.

      • Maddie

        I don’t remember a password. I’m glad I was able to see this without it
        People may try to imitate you, but it’s not the same. I know an “inspired by Jude” piece vs an original Jude piece. And I can’t proof read this so I hope auto correct doesn’t make me sound stupid

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