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The skylight over the stairs that connects the low room to the room with the  big round table which most folks might consider the dining room but we don't eat there. I love skylights and if I spend any money here at all it will be on roof windows first.

Just Good Morning.  Because I plan to post here daily.  Just to be here.

Just Home 2 sits on an old cloth woven base, for now.  Maybe forever.

There are now two.  In the Just Home series.  Just Because I would like to make nine.

We just came in from our morning rock naming stroll.  He likes the big flat one with the moss. We named it the Carpet Keeper.  Maybe I will weave there.

This morning he seems to have two different colored eyes.  Just the way the light plays.  I like the idea of having "different" kinds of eyes.  On the same face. Reminds me  of Expanded Vision.


  1. Acey

    your houses make me happy.

    i have only stitched one house, ever. it was freehand cut raw-stitched applique. have never pieced a house. You tempt me. pretty sure Outside tempts me more, though. I’ll live vicariously in your houses and you can sit on the garden bench whenever you please as ‘rent collection’.

  2. Vicki

    Here in Australia your postings greet me first thing in the morning . Such a lovely way to start my day. So it really is Good Morning ! Thankyou

  3. Thank you Jude… Yes! I read as many as I can and they are all a source of great patience and peace. And these Just Home pieces are wonderful. Look forward to the nine.

  4. Carol

    I look forward to your thoughts daily, even if I’m unable to respond. Some days life does not allow it. Thanks again for your daily thoughts.

  5. Brenda

    Im happy you’ll be posting daily, there’s reassurance in routine, and knowing I can visit daily. I’m currently here, or Sprit Cloth, several times a day, getting to know your work better. Are there any posts that feature your home, because I think it might be my kind of place?

    • jude

      well here, not too many, I will create a category list soon, back at Spirit Cloth Blog, there is one, but mostly it was a different place.

  6. Yvonne

    Good morning and I am just thankful that you are here, I so enjoy visiting and reading and listening and…nine would be amazing!….such beautiful eyes your cat has.

  7. Kirsten

    Steady slow progress is still progress
    Your furry buddy is the Belated
    Rock N Roll icon David Bowie reincarnation 😉 very colourful as DB in 🐈& great inspirational muse to have around the 🏠 quilt studio .
    Keep Rocking the insightful creativity. 😻🤗😷😇🌱🏵🧱🌳🌲🐦🐇☀️🧵📍✂️📸💚🙏🇺🇸🦅

  8. Joan

    I am always intrigued by the expressive faces you create … especially the eyes! Different kinds of eyes on same face . Hmmmm

  9. Sharon Koch

    just love being here, at “jude’s house”. fills me with deep gratitude. for you. the other ragmates. life itself. i often come more than once a day. just to hear those familiar voices… ahhhh, weaving beside the carpet keeper. and nine is just so fine. x

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