A Direct Foundation approach

I mentioned a bit about this process in Part 1/ Thought Catching.  I am mentioning it here as an alternative to Piecemaking, puzzle style.

I included the video from part 1 here, just as an example of how I use this technique outside of the "patchwork" pattern  approach.   I also wanted to share some exrended thoughts here regarding the technique, and maybe technique in general.

Audio- Personal Ways

Personal Ways

AUDIO-To Keep at It

To Keep at It

because i found time, new video added …


  1. Pat Jacobs

    I love watching you stitch and your thought process about where you are going. I have been doing more and more slow stitching and enjoying it! Thanks for ALL you share!

  2. Carol Ferrett

    I am really loving these small videos and audio tapes. It seems like we are evolving with you and it’s making my mouth water to get on with this. Thank you.

  3. Patricia stein

    Wow, just found your blog and class offerings. Wow, is all I can say. Your work is amazing and thanks so much for the validation of hand work… I even patch my son’s jeans with hand work instead of machine sewing the patches on his work clothes… I have a lot now to fill my reading time – though you have opened the flood gates to what’s been floating around in my brain – Thank YOU!!!

  4. Susan Pierle

    I just found you and loving your work! I have been collecting Japanese silks and cotton for a few years and wanting to use it on clothing. You have inspired me to go forward with my ideas.

  5. Tamar

    I love when your cat comes to help in one of the videos! Skatching is definitely blowing my mind here, can’t wait to experiment.

  6. Sharon Koch

    ooooooooh…. this hand-drawn line is like a yellow brick road! could see doing a portrait this way, with even smaller bits, some raw-edge, skitch skatching ‘n hand-dyed cloth… no more excuses, so lotsa time! thank you, dear friend! xox

  7. carroleb

    Really enjoying the pauses and prompts. I have often been disappointed with “quilting classes” never really finding my way in through the tools and techniques. Connectedness to stitch and cloth is what I have found in your approach, and the work just flows. Many thanks.

  8. Lois

    I am always excited to get new posts from you, Jude! I am still making nine patch squares with the paperless piecing method, and am looking forward to seeing some ways to put them together. At first I thought it was “crazy” to do all that hand stitching, but now I am “in love” with the technique and do some every night under my Ott light. I am using blue and white fabrics which I collected on my many trips to Japan where my son lives. Thank you, Jude, for this new passion.

  9. Been on kind of an hiatus here. Enjoying seeing the videos again. I will resume when I do. As I do. I am a bit scattered ,right now, to tell the truth. I have been working on a big painting and that seems to deplete my stitching mojo. But some how they do inform each other.

  10. Joanne

    You continue to amaze me with your out of the “square” thinking. Learning so much here- wish I had taken ALL your other classes!!!! I have always “colored outside the lines” so it’s nice to see that sort of thinking validated in your impressive stitch work.

  11. Jen NyBlom

    So fascinating to me to see the evolution of ideas, techniques and thought processes of your creativity. Thank you, Jude for sharing…I love how you go along, developing your own sense of being with the cloth, and how it’s never static! Helps me to realize it is OK that things are not “finished”. LOVE “skitch skatching”—what a GLORIOUS term!!! xoxox

  12. Joelle Baum

    Love it! I’m here for the long run! So I’m rolling with you through all the technical difficulties you have had!
    This class is wonderful!

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