Patchwork in Perspective part 1 News

This page has been created to keep you updated and provide help now and then.

Moving  I am in the process of relocating so there will be interruptions now and then.  You can listen to the audio at the bottom of this post, for the latest update about that.

Sharing  I have set up a private  Facebook group.  I have never done this before but I think it will work just fine as an ongoing forum  for Patchwork in Perspective  in general as a series.  The group page is here.  Just click JOIN,  there are a couple of questions that need to be answered,  a filter for members , to insure a closed group. It may  take a bit of time to accept you.  I will only check in once a day.   Because we are a large group,  this may be the best way to share.  We'll see. I am trying it for this segment because I have had so many requests.

Also, a reminder, if you are publicly sharing, you can use the hashtag #ragmates2019 on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are sharing on your blog, feel free to put a link to any post relating to our discussions in the comments.  If you do not know how to do that, just ask.

Resource I've begun adding some supply resources to the resource page.  As always I encourage you to use what is on hand, BE RESOURCEFUL... and I will be talking about that.  But I also try to support folks I trust, small businesses, and also provide some scraps of self  now and then  to support Feel Free and spread the love..  If you have any resource suggestions please pass them by me by using the contact form.

Finding You.  When you comment,  you have the option to fill in name, email and web info.   It would be good if you use the same name you have chosen for the Directory if you are listed.  That way folks may get to know who you are.   Also if you fill in the URL  that links to your blog/ Instagram/ Facebook or website that you chose for the link, folks might click on your name and go visit from the comment itself.  If you are not sure what your URL/ link is,  right-click on your name in the directory and then click on copy link location.   This will store that information on the clipboard and allow you to paste it somewhere else.  Of course if you are not listed, never mind.

Posting Schedule -  I've settled on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for posting new content.  It  works because  it puts some space  between posts.  There are a lot of folks and comments take time to browse through.  Weekends give us all time to process and work a bit I think.  Weekends will allow me some making time. And maybe you too.  Some time to act on some thoughts.  For now, yes, MWF.


What If Blog  Some folks have had issues accessing  the  What If  blog.    Mostly by not reading the instructions about logging in.   But hey, so many places to log in.  I have arranged it so you need no logging in.     And I've placed the link on the Home page, in the April List.