Little Windows

We have time

I'm in no rush here,  are you?

My Paperless Piecing Method has evolved over time. A technique can change and ultimately become part of the thought process, a symbol in itself.

I wanted to detail the prep involved in the basic small square puzzle piece making.


AUDIO-The Prep

The Prep

Tools for Cropping


Often times, the way you think about something changes it into something more useful.

And definitely more personal.

What we are doing by shaping a scrap for pieced patchwork is creating an easy system for seaming, connection.  But we are also cropping.  Choosing a place within the available space.  In this way we are creating a kind of frame.  creating context.  And we can make that choice based on practical use of the cloth but we can also make it some sort of  visual choice as well.  I think when we do that, we give each choice more weight in terms of composition.  So I think Patchwork,   in the Spirit Cloth Style,  has grown around that concept.

AUDIO-Story Patches

Story Patches

The puzzle piece as a framing device

There is more to say abut this, but let's take it slow.


  1. Sharon Koch

    This is all too marvelous for words… Thinking now of the number of pieces as symbolic… patterns… textures… shapes… hues… values… in specific combos… Window cropping to create mini-compositions with context. All creating a personal language. Takes me back to grade school… Passing notes in class with secret coded alphabets… LOVING this!!!

  2. Helen Lawless Lee

    No. Not in any rush. I now refuse to rush at all, if possible….and oh! the freedom in that.
    I am house sitting on a rainy day, and I have the time to watch every July post. Happy.

  3. Donna

    I love the travel iron! I ran out and bought one and it works great! I love the whole process you use Jude its very relaxing and slows me down a bit. I work on multiple fiber art projects and hand stitching is my go to always.

    • jude

      i got one a few years ago, they are only about 12 dollars if you look around. I use it for everything, light as air. i actually love to iron.

  4. Pam S.

    You’ve given me some great ideas of what to do with some pieces of silk gifted to me many years ago after making a quilt for my sister in law’s mother in Japan. thank you Jude!
    I’ve also been trying to only use what fabrics I already have …. baby steps 😁

    • jude

      at this point in my life, having worked with cloth so long, using stuff up is the challenge. little pieces of what i know can transform into something good as new.

  5. Joan

    I have found when we have done something so long it is a part of us and we forget those ingrained things are completely new to others. Thanks for sharing your processes!

  6. Fumiko

    I mentioned making a window template in a comment on a previous post. Now I see that of course you already use it. I do love the idea of windows, because there are at least two ways of seeing through each one.

    • jude

      i love windows too, did a whole mini class about them once, thanks for the reminder, I have so much stuff to dig up here.

  7. Henrietta

    Do you ever just finger press? I’m thinking how fine it would be to have a little illustrated symbol book. It’s almost a personal mythology.

  8. maria

    Thanku Jude for sharing the information.. so simple and this brings me back to realising there is no need to spend heaps of money on beautiful new silks and fabrics as there is so much fabric around me I can create with. Many years ago I lived in Kakadu National Park, and I taught the hand piecing method of patchwork… very traditional … I learnt so much then and my love of fabric and patchwork continues to be with me. I thanku for this wonderful connection again with fabric and how simple it all can be. 🙂

  9. Glued some graph paper to a manila folder. Works great! Just began the turning of some of my squares and I thought I’d layer some of the one inch inside the two inch and have a look. Already churning the possibilities in my mind and feeling happy. Simplicity can be so elegant and expressive!

  10. Leslie Alt

    Love the window idea. I also like the window as a template for another style of the square. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these lessons. Thanks Jude!

  11. Joanne

    Seeing the cardboard with the 2 inch square cutout–well, Jude you have rocked my World yet again. I stopped to write this but now am finding an index card and scissors. And then to look at all my fabric with “brand new eyes”.

  12. A big help…I had no idea what you meant when you said you burned your fingers on the half-inch squares until I watched the video involving the iron! I haven’t been using it, but I think I’ll start although mine is large – it looks crisper. I cut my templates out of that plastic packaging and glued graph paper on top of them instead of using cards. Kind of finicky to make, but I like the harder edge from the plastic piece. Could use thin cardboard also. I really want to get to the symbol system/ story, but I realize it takes time. So many words moving thru me today! – I find this all very exciting 🙂

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