Forever catching Moments

10/8/22 This private page has been set up to record the JAHcards series.

These are very personal Journal Entries in card form. Because, while wandering, I met her again. An old wordless self that could sit for hours with paper and just go.  The before blogging self that drew almost every day, just for my Self. the one that could make any moment a picture.  I am happy to share them here, some more intimate way, with you, my Ragmates.

The entries will be audio and picture based. You might click on the pic to enlarge or view linked images while listening to the audio.  At least that is what I had in mind.

Just today, could be any day

A Process takes Form

As mentioned here...  I begin by talking a bit more. visualizing


Magic memories

I begin, I did open comments, and I will let you know about new content here. I found my way.  Click pic to listen.


a kind of Soup Basket


just put this here to record, nothing much to say yet.

This is the private page connected to JahCardz in the Glossary.