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April Was

Good Morning...


Reach might reshape us.

I love this picture.  The longing in it.  Many seeds were started in April. They were so hungry for more sunlight.  I planted most everything yesterday.  While lost in a field of thought.

After last year's thinning we can see INTO the forest from the porch.I think we have crossed over.

Not Just April aka Cloudy With a Chance of Doubt...

April's pathworkapril

The Old Blog is still protected.  When you leave a blog unattended for a while, spammers can move in.  I am fiddling and cleaning but  I think it has lived its life.



    • jude

      so much in that little sprout.
      I really concentrated on integration here, the tapestry thing. how one thing might be woven into another. those tiny flower scraps, from grandma’s quilt. torn bits, still strong enough to make a point.

  1. Sharon Koch

    love hearing your eye-deas. how they dance like firefleyes in this piece. will dearly miss your old blog, but grateful for the many days spent wandering there. this month reminds me of your grandma may ‘n watching you tenderly reminisce about green scraps held by a basket in the pip video… x

    • jude

      it evolved as something quite comforting and I imagine a whole big cloth like that, my thoughts have moving to the Grow Cloth and how it might work there.

  2. Victoria

    Oh, I just love this one particularly. All the different fabrics in the bottom section make me think of various shrubs and trees growing on an undulating uneven landscape. The stitching in the sky makes me feel the wind is blowing softly over the house. And the vines on the roof are wonderful and so reminiscent of how vines will clamber up and over anything that they can catch hold of.

    Love it!

  3. janstevenson

    This moved through me over the weekend as I carried your “Cloudy with a chance of doubt” in mind. Yesterday I finished reading The Sweet Taste of Muscadines by Pamela Terry. In the Epilogue there is this, about doubt, some of it specific to the story, and these words which are more general: “doubt welcomes questions, and questions are often the doorway to truth. Truth can be elusive. Rarely is it easy to find. I’ve had to look for it, sometimes dig for it. There’ve been days when I’ve headed down a well-marked road—so sure and so certain—to find that it leads straight to nowhere. It’s only when I’ve turned right around and gone back to square one that I’ve spied a rarely trodden pathway hidden inside a thicket of trees and known that’s the way I must go. Truth, like beauty, reveals itself as you notice it; the more you see, the more you see.”

  4. Valerianna Claff

    Case and point about unattended blogs, or in my case, web sties… you linked to my unattended web site which was hacked and I still need to find the time to go remedy that! I like seeing the calendar with this little piece 🙂

      • Valerianna Claff

        It is! Glad to contribute to your calmness. Painting is good medicine for me, I hope to get back to it when school ends at the end of May. It’s been a long time. I am drawing, but painting calls me, too!

  5. Good morning, Jude! It’s almost evening here. And it’s still cold and rainy. But when the clouds make room for the sun, it’s warm. So we’re almost there too.
    I loved listening to the cloth’s story.

    • jude

      I did not issue a password for spriticloth, just protecting it while I decide what to do. I will move links her when iIhave the time.

  6. I still enjoy people’s blogs. But more and more are going by the wayside, and maybe mine included. I love your fabric layers. You create such beautiful fabric art pieces. I’ve had a fiddling day, nothing really has went well. So took a coffee break/fingers crossed. Enjoy a great week.

  7. Judy

    I so enjoy hearing you describe the pieces you’re working on. It’s like going on a guided tour! It is a guided tour! And it’s nice to be reminded to consider the back of fabrics. Thanks Jude!

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