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Testing …

Hello Ragmates!

It's been a while. The world has changed again..

As usual, nothing has gone as planned.  I have tried to simplify my approach by  moving everything to my Spirit Cloth Blog.  But technical issues with the Typepad Blogging Platform has me once again considering using this space instead.

I know all of this virus stuff and political nonsense and my relocating and adjusting has reduced my focus on teaching.  Blog issues have not helped.

To make a long story short, I will be tweaking this place a bit  in hopes of continuing to build this resource.  This is just a test post . Not sure if anyone is following at this point.

Today it rained all day and I stitched on this:


I  will probably talk about this one on the Spirit Cloth Blog for now, but like I said, I just wanted to do a test post to see if  subscribing here is still working so I can transition over to here if necessary.


  1. Still quietly following and enjoying. I quarantined myself March 15 and decided to use this time to finish the UFOs. Didn’t know I had so many……. Working on #18 now. Stay well and happy.

  2. I’m a follower. This crazy world has been difficult to deal with. Stitching on my robe and listening to your soothing voiçe on your videos, rewatching some to catch the detail keeps me moving on.
    Remembering you said maybe things are never finished, wear them and keep stitching.

  3. Melinda U

    I have returned! I took 2 of your (now free-such a generous gift!) classes about 7 years ago (?). Last week I came across the notebook I kept back then. My life has been changing & challenging in so many ways. Projects left unfinished & one class never completed. I am so happy to see that you are still here, providing a calming and creative space amidst way too much chaos! I found my hearts project & began stitching it again. I feel like I’ve come home to an old friend. I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off & exploring some of the inspiration I missed! So happy to return.

  4. Birte Verkuijlen Beijer

    I’m here! And wherever I can find you. I have enjoyed your work and your thoughts for years and I thank you for the opportunity. Stay safe!

  5. amaranda de jong

    Hi there Jude ,great to hear from ya xxxxx Thought not being able to get into the “comments ” was just me being a Luddite ,so although sad for you that you have tech issues glad wasn’t my computer being naughty. Still here….I check now and again to see who else is about, will do so more often if things are stirring, big hug keep safe (and sane )

  6. Fumiko Wellington

    Dear Jude,
    I will follow you wherever you go (if invited – I am not a stalker).
    I love what you are doing, but that is not new. I have been even a bit more reclusive than usual lately and I think I have missed a few stitches, but I do think of you very often and it makes me hopeful.

  7. Hi jude! Big yay for adaptability and yay for perseverance! No matter what form your digital presence takes.. I’m grateful for every scrap. (note to self: Dr. Andrew Weil of UofAZ says the frustration we feel when we’re forced to learn new computer operating systems is *exactly* the brain-stretching exercises we need to stay mentally sharp)

  8. Tania Botoulas

    Hi Jude.. I am a dedicated follower and am thrilled to say this works for me. Wishing you well over this time of transition and change.

  9. Margaret Johnson

    Hello Jude, change is inevitable .. So long as you are content and satisfied in what you do do, go for it. I’m unable to stitch, but I’m very happy to be able to look at your beautiful work…All the best…Marg….ox

  10. Kristi

    I’m also still receiving & quietly witnessing 🙂 much love & fall blessings sent your way & gratitude for all your hard efforts in all you do

  11. Audrey Reiss

    ❤️ Hi Jude, yes am still here and following you from West Yorkshire in the North of England. I hope you are okay and as so many have been saying, so appreciate and love your work and your sharing and teaching. 🙂 ♥️ It is currently more important than ever to me as my husband died almost three months ago and it is so hard to take it in and live without him. My sewing and reading and writing and gardening are my lifeline and your input to my work is so very treasured. 🙂 Thank you so much xxxxxxx

  12. Trische Robertson

    Wouldn’t want to miss anything from you…thank you for all your efforts in trying to keep sharing your wonderful work with us.

  13. Kathryn

    Where ever you pop up, here, Instagram or email, I’m watching and listening. Whatever works for you is ok by me!
    Kathryn in Bird Hollow where the walnuts and acorns are falling.

  14. Linda Nettle

    Hi Jude it’s lovely to hear from you – I’ve been following your blog regularly and really love your work. Glad to hear you’re OK despite these strange and scary times. Keep well, keep stitching and I look forward to your next post.

  15. Els

    Hi Jude, of course we’re still here, no matter what …
    (move, virus or political nonsense !)
    Like your little red beast, you’re emerging again to the surface and whispering like old times !
    Sending you and all of our beloved stitching community LOVE
    (from Holland)

  16. Doree

    Enjoy reading, pondering, and learning from your postings, Jude—irrespective of the platform upon which they appear. Wishing you & yours safety, the best of health, and sustainable abundance as this year draws to a close. 🎃
    Blessings, Love, Doree § :~D)>o
    PS … good luck w/the chimney repairs.

  17. Hi, Jude. Receiving you well here, as well as at Spirit Cloth. Any way you want or need to do it is fine, and thank you for continuing to connect with us through these awful times (about cloth, stitching, or anything else…). So much appreciated. Best wishes, Anita (also from the UK)

  18. Karin

    Greetings Jude! I have enormous appreciation for the work you do and what you write has become part of my daily life – just like a loyal and guiding friend.
    Sending you L❤️VE,

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