How to Navigate this Site


First let me say that this site has begun as a shell and will change as I go.  And also, I have no idea what I'm doing.  Feedback is always welcomed.  I'm attempting to learn WordPress because I think it might fit my needs.  I might suggest  using a tablet or computer to get access to all the features although it seems to be phone friendly in general.  So far.

Probably there will be more info on this page soon, I've just begun.

Right now, it's a place to begin again. Finally.


To move around this site only requires the use of the MENU  which is always visible.  On a computer and tablet, the menu should be in the left sidebar.  On a mobile phone sidebar content shifts to the top to accommodate the narrow width of the device.  This menu will grow  as I go.  You can either click the category, which will open a page with related links or use the little arrow to the right of each category to see a drop down list.  Pages may host additional links and context menus.  This will help me keep the main menu shorter.

The MENU will appear mostly as a shell in the beginning.  If you click and don't find anything it's because I'm working on it.   It'll fill up soon enough, that is Eventually.


Except for the FREE ENOUGH section, all content here is free, although much of the free content has been protected  It's just the way, in my experience with the world wild web, it needs to be to keep it safe.  To keep it more like home. 

To make things more human, I ask that you GET IN TOUCH,  so we might connect,  and so I might give you a key to moving around the site freely and to view all free content without interruption.  Give me a little time to get back to you. Nothing much is automated here.  I answer all my emails personally.

Free but Protected areas include Private Classes, Glossary, and Methods Index.

I  do rely mostly on voluntary donations (this is not an official non- profit) to keep going.  We are a community of haves and have-nots and I'm sure we can work it out.  If you wish to support this effort,  there is a SUPPORT page to visit.


audio test Content is often audio based.  So a little audio test here. 

Click the arrow and the player will expand.  You can adjust the volume and also pause.

I think the volume adjustment is not visible in the mobile phone format.

If you don't see a player or cannot listen please contact me.  So far I have had no complaints.


Video content is hosted on YouTube which makes it easy to watch. And free to host.  Making it less costly to maintain this place.

My channel is not really organized yet, but you can subscribe if you like. Probably the organization focus will be here for a while.



The green words are links.  That is, they GO somewhere. 

In general links  in the content section will open in  new tabs.

Context menus embedded in pages are not Green, couldn't figure that out yet.

There are some additional links to related content outside this site up top.


CLASSES - FREE & OPEN  are fully visible to all visitors. They have been open through my blog for a while now. There is no password required.

CLASSES - FREE / PRIVATE  are more current, more personal and protected to keep the content secured. Please use the contact form to request a password  and become a member of Feel Free.  One password will allow you to move freely through all free content as it is added, without interruption. Again, there is no fee for access.  Donations are optional (and always much appreciated).

CLASSES - FREE ENOUGH are not free, but require a small fee.  I haven't quite formulated that yet.  I'll surely be blogging about it.  I do plan to host my final ( before I walk off into the sunset) Class Series here.  Paid content will have a separate password. You can subscribe to the Newsletter pertaining to paid classes at the foot of this site.  If you have any issues doing that you can visit the Help Page  if you get an error message.



The red dotted lines beneath a word or phrase indicates it is part of the Glossary of Terms related to my SPIRIT CLOTH LANGUAGE system of symbols or Re-definitons.  Hovering over the word/s  will trigger a pop-up box.  (Pop-ups may include links and or media.  If you move away from the box, it will disappear but the media will continue playing until finished.  Moving back over the term will reopen the box and you can  close the media if you wish) If you are using a mobile device, you may have to click instead hovering, because there is no mouse.  You can use the Glossary link in the menu to see a complete list of terms.  Of course this list will grow since this site is always in process.


Breaking down process and materials

The Methods Index is where I break down process into small units. I will extract all elements from classes and  the blog and Journals and create an easy way to find information on technique, etc.  I've just begun.  This area is free, but protected.  The same password for the private classes will give you access to this information.


Just what's going on here

You know me, things are always changing...


You might certainly come here and wander around but I do blog about what is happening here, announcing and linking to new content etc.  So it's up to you how  you choose to get here.