A Looser Connection

At the speed of thought

What a crazy time.  I am here early this morning, before beginning Part 2,  before the holiday that many will be celebrating,  before yet another looking adventure... because  thoughts don't take up that much time. They float through space with the speed of lightness.

  Audio-Looser Connection

how it might happen


I've used a glass salad bowl to create a circle here.   Glass bowls are great for creating overlays.   You can get a sense of where you are in a composition.   I left it there for a while.  To feel the centering.  I needed that.


the guide

The circle helped me correct the arc for the loose puzzle pieces.  I also drew a line using the bowl, even though originally I just needed the guidance.  I wondered why I did that and then thought, I must really need this circle...

considering how I feel

Audio-Beyond Judgement

Today I might call this



  1. Beautiful post. It brought up so much for me. My biggest glass bowl is alas too small to span my piece. I love the idea of the unconscious comfort in a circle, and yes in a lot of other elements too! I did not take any of your previous courses, Jude, although I followed your blog avidly. I did not see myself as a person that stitched although I collected cloth for “someday”…then I moved to Maine and retired and now I want to stitch all the time. I’m so grateful that I’m getting this opportunity to participate in this course. Eventually I hope to go back and work my way through all the Feel Free content.

  2. i don’t know how to properly express what i’m feeling right now, hearing your voice and seeing you lay those colourful patches, humbled and privileged having witnessed the birth of this cloth best describe my sensations, the way you let us watch each and every step of the way is awesome Jude

    • jude

      i try but I realize it is more difficult than imagined, I should carry my recorder with me, a lot of thinking goes on in between

  3. mary gillis

    My first thought was “Prayer Flags”. I find prayer flags surprising, beautiful and mysterious. Surprising patches in the sky beautifully wind blown and ragged. A line tethers them to earth as they flutter releasing the mysterious prayers they hold. Hmmm

      • Stehanie

        During part 1 I have been working my way through other promised projects and the normal life hiccups. New enthusiasms and a growing sense of time passing. And the thread of your thoughts has been with me. Thank you for encouraging my own thoughts to soften and wander. My subconscious has even slipped some split backstich into my work when I wasn’t looking. Its wonderful to influence each other and even better to trace the source of the influence. Thank you.


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