jude hill spirit cloth

it comes together by being

Today I am composed.  I am the Composition.

My images form simply just to see,

I am simply focused, I guess, on what's here.  freedom is

Working on the incomplete and bringing them to a point of peace.

Letting all else go.  Be.


Original intro from Spirit Cloth 101

I found this, from 101.  Just rereading it.  No need to change anything, nothing to add.


  1. Martine Bos

    Your words and all of your work always touch me so deep and today the magic feather cloth showed up, with soul-O…..

  2. Oh, Jude, what a wise woman you are! While the Friday post on my blog was about lack of focus & struggling to find form, you gave the answer in your title & the first 2 sentences. I have adopted as a mantra (almost a koan) “Today I am composed. I am the Composition.” May I quote you in my blog next week — to share the magic & the serendipity, for me, of timing? I also loved your piece about cloth as story. On my blog ( trickstershoard.com ) I’m ruminating on Trickster & story & fiber work. May I have permission to quote these lovely thoughts on cloth/story sometime in the future? In any case, thank you for the mantra — it makes me smile & helps me keep moving along in this adventure called life!

  3. I appreciate your musing on how much quilting stitch to do (or not do) … I’m still very new to all this and honestly, I “lost” something when I quilted the Remember 2016 cloth … I need to be much more intentional the next time around

  4. Laura

    I am new here but so, so enjoy your words Jude. And your beautiful, thought provoking work. And joy of joys, I have just opened my treat to myself, sky 3 from your threadcrumbs. The colours make my heart beat faster and they are tiny bits of joy. Thank you..

  5. Jen NyBlom

    i like the organic meanderings of the red stitchings–
    & being calm and letting things be….those are some of the best moments, i think.

  6. Storytelling… so many deep feelings, beliefs and connections with this word, idea, kind of being. (& remembering how I was too afraid & insecure to join Spirit Cloth 101, thank you for holding my hand to move forward, oxo)

  7. Ouch. Knee pain is so bad. Heal quickly.
    This is such a hearty, good fulfilling bowl of soup kind of post. Much needed and appreciated. I’m working on a piece that I’m considering how much addition stitch is too much? I’ve been leaning towards less, so reaffirming to read/see here. I really, really like the addition of the ‘color wheel’ – the colors work so well. And yes, old words, not needing any change at all. So good.

    • jude

      I wonder if I didn’t look back…what if I said it again, how would it come out? Maybe I should try that and then look back. Or not. Lotsa questions tofay.

  8. I’m suddenly very aware of the red threads here. I especially like where they show in the cracks. It’s always fascinating to watch the evolution of a cloth with you. (Am also remembering considering the word cloth.)

  9. cednie

    Feeling stretched by the possibilities — parts of a color wheel peeking out, irregular nine patch edges, drawn lines, paired wings, and tiny mini-butterflies. Delightful.

  10. debgorr

    This is so good…and leads me to the question what medium have I chosen? Not sure I really have an answer to that. Unless it is caregiving. 🙂 Also yesterday I was talking to someone about storyteller as a personality type, something I want to think about more.

    • jude

      yes, and storytelling is perhaps a medium in itself. Perhaps cloth helped me open up, I couldn’t when I tried to be an illustrator. Maybe I’m ready now. I love the idea of caregiving as a medium. That is so you. Even caring for yourself.

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